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or off the nearest bridge!! I was at uni, today, (this and tomorrow are our last two days before we satrt year two in september) and it wsa a complete waste of time, we have 11 days till 3 essays... Read More

  1. by   jevans
    Dear whisper
    I am a Deputy ward manager,[ also have a degree] from the UK

    So if in the future you need some help please do not hesitate to PM me

    The whole education system is struggling at the moment and many students are having problems throughout the UK.

    some of my students still use me as a mentor and I do help with essays

    Good luck and do not give up
  2. by   Stargazer
    Personally I have my eye set on a one year wine tasting degree
    Where can I sign up for this? Will the British government pay me to take this?

    Chin up, Whisper. I had a similar big disorganized f**kup in my advanced med-surg course in school. The exam didn't match what was in our syllabus or what had been taught in class. The entire class was up in arms and the instructors had to rather shamefacedly throw out the results of the test, write a new one and publish detailed study guides for us a week before the exam. That NEVER happened again.

    Agree with OzNurse--if everybody in the class got in wrong, it's clearly a communication problem, not a student problem, and administration should suck it up, admit they screwed up, and make it right. All of you students should stick together instead of walking.
  3. by   RNntraining
    At the end of each section we're taught we get to evaluate the instructor and the how well they presented the information. Maybe you and the few who remain in your class could push for something similar?
  4. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by Whisper
    I handed my esays in today, I am thinking about getting my receipts framed... but i thought that might be taking it too far!!! About another ten people quit today, I think the police force are about to get a lot of new recruits, that and teaching seem to be the profession of choice.

    Personally I have my eye set on a one year wine tasting degree, but I am now convinced that they are going to have to throw me off the course, I am NOT quiting!!!!

    I just finished my first year at uni I move back into halls on the weekend and then I start year two:roll

    Does it show that I am in a lot better mood today??

    I'm glad you're not quitting Whisper, how are things going now?
  5. by   Notanurse
    Psst. Why is everyone whispering?
  6. by   Whisper
    My NUS membership is useless at the moment, as none of the reps for my uni are nursing students, which means they were on holiday while we had this problem. My RCN rep is one of the students who has quit, and we don't have a new rep as of yet.!!!!

    We have student reps, who go the to the university meetings and they have all vowed to raise the issue.

    Stargazer, that sounds just like one fo our exams, we were told, you will not need to draw, and the first question was " draw and explain"!!!!
    And alot of hte questions we hadn't been taught, but they admitted the mistake on that one, they wavered the 40 resit fee.

    The wine tasting degree is in Portsmouth, I am not sure if it still runs, but while I was waiting for my A-level results, it was fantastic know that this course existed and you only needed one UCAS point, (which is an E), You don't get paid, but to be honest I don't think I would care!

    Jevans, Thankyou and I agree about the whole education system, I have sriously looked at changing universities, if I could caryy my credits and practice hours over, but as I am doing the new MAD course, the established courses that are not having teething problems won't accept my credits, as the are not adaptle to Project 2000.

    RNintraining, we too have similar sessions, but at one of the last ones we got repreimanded for b*tching about the course, and told we should look for poitive aspects

    Mkue, thank you, I am alot better now except for the horror that is packing I didn't realsse I had accumulated so much work!

    Notanurse, because it is soooo much more polite than SHOUTING ( not actuall shouting but a stage whisper)

    Thanks for reading this, All you guys are fantastic
    I have got to pull the plug on my PC now,as I have to take it to bits ready for when I move, See you some time on Saturday...If I can remember how to put it back together again