My classmates are Jellyfish!!- Spineless

  1. I am sooo sick of my class. I don't go to school, I go to an aquarium surrounded by spineless jellyfish.

    It seems that I am always made out to look bad. Ex. Today, we had a 5 chp. Med-Surg test & just came off of 2 days of team-nursing clinicals. Well, after Med-Surg we had pharm. Today, we were suppose to have a math-test (for daily grade). Before our instructor came in, I asked how many people's brains are fried & would like to see if we can take the math test on Monday? Some people raised their hands. So.....when the instructor came in, I told her that "we are worn-out & could we PLEASE!!! take the math test on Monday" She said she didn't realize we had a major test today & if that is what the rest of the class wants, it's ok w/her. WELL, wouldn't you know, everyone just stared at her w/a blank look on their face when she asked that. AND, 1 girl said, "can we take it today if we wanted too?" And she said sure. WELL, EVERYONE DECIDED TO TAKE IT :angryfire I felt like a dumb---! This isn't the first time something like this has happened.

    I'M SICK OF MY CLASSMATES! It is sad, but when/if I graduate in August - I am not going into the transition RN program. I do not want to be stuck with these people again, I am going to do an online course.

    I just needed to vent.

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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Perhaps they didn't want to look like that they couldn't handle it.
  4. by   bigmona
    sorry but I don't really get what the big deal is - if you have prepared to take an exam on a scheduled date, my inclination would just be to get it over with rather than put it off a few more days. i don't get how someone wanting to take an exam the day they're supposed to makes them "spineless" if they don't happen to share your feelings on postponing it.
  5. by   mauser
    Me too. I would want to take it on the scheduled date - definitely would not want to worry about it for the weekend!
  6. by   justjenn
    It's just the fact that some of them WANTED to do it on Monday & so I asked. This isn't the first time this happened. One time I was asked to to "ask" the instructor if we could observe a specific procedure. When the instructor asked the class if they would like to, the 5 people who approached me backed out! AND the class was complaining about a particular floor that we had to do clinicals & how they didn't want to go back to that floor. Later, the teacher asked how they liked floor - no one said a word. Then she said she was considering dropping that floor. SO, this was the breaking point.

    Can you understand now how I feel? It is a slew of events.
  7. by   bigmona
    that, i agree, is annoying.
  8. by   Wheaties
    If the test is on a friday scheduled date, I would rather take it friday. even if i am not ready, i'll take it, i would rather get a C by taking the test now, than wait monday to get the B grade. the weekend is the most precous times every week. that's just one less workload for me.
  9. by   klone
    To be perfectly honest, when you have ONE person complaining about every single other person in the class (or at work, or whatever), you kinda have to wonder if the problem is really every single other person, or maybe it actually lies with that one person. JMO.
  10. by   athomas91
    i would have OUTLOUD said...."well that is not what you all were saying before she walked in the room - next time you all ask her yourself!"

    they and she will get the hint
  11. by   justjenn
    Quote from klone
    To be perfectly honest, when you have ONE person complaining about every single other person in the class (or at work, or whatever), you kinda have to wonder if the problem is really every single other person, or maybe it actually lies with that one person. JMO.
    I NEVER have EVER complained about ANYONE or ANYTHING before. Usually, everyone else is complaining or talking bad about someone. My problem is I stick up for people and will defend them if I think they are being treated unfairly. Usually, I am the first to tell others that I thought they did well in clinicals or go out of my way to help them. IN FACT, most of the time I am the one they ask when they need help w/their patients.

    Did you ever know someone who talked bad about another person because they were different, & expected that all of their friends not like them either? Well, I am the person that would stand up for the one who was looked down on & not follow the crowd.

    So, I don't really understand the point of your quote.

  12. by   klone
    I apologize if I misunderstood your post to be referring to ALL the other students in your class, rather than just a select few individuals.

    It's just been my experience that if a person complains about every other person in the situation, it's usually the one complaining who's got something wrong, rather than everyone else. But when you're talking about just a few others, that's a different situation altogether.
  13. by   orrnlori
    I think you are fighting a mindset in your class that will not change. They look for you to express their feelings but then back down when confronted with that real live person (instructor) standing in front of them. Nursing school makes people weird.

    I was the class representative during school, which meant I went to monthly meetings with all the instructors and presented the student's concerns. So people would corner me everwhere to express some kind of problem or question or gripe. I would then, very diplomatically bring these issues forward during meetings. Some times the instructors, before lecture, would ask questions about what I had brought forth in such a way that no one sitting there understood they were come from the meetings. The students would sit there like big dummies and no one would speak up. Then the instructors would look at me like 'what's the problem'.

    And then of course, you will always have the 'superstudents' who want to be abused and lick the hands of the instructors. Yes, give us harder tests, yes count that question even though 95% of the class got it wrong on the test, yes, please beat me some more instructor.

    My suggestion: Forget it. It will all be over soon and you won't have to be with your fellow classmates again if you don't want to see them. You're letting them make you miserable. Don't let them.
  14. by   Sheri257
    I don't get this thread. Ok. So a few people didn't speak up about delaying a test.

    A lot of people loose their nerve in those situations. It's not unusual. This is pretty tame compared with what I've seen other classmates do. And it's certainly very tame compared with other incidents that have been posted on this board.

    You don't want to be stuck with these people again? Geez. I'll take your classmates over some of mine any day, if this is all they've "done" to you.

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