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I just wanted to get some feedback regarding clinical mistakes. I had a patient who was on a heparin drip. Let me preface this story by telling you that I did NOT hang the heparin the RN did and up... Read More

  1. by   sassyRN73
    Thanks to all of you for all of your kind words!! Just reading your advice has made me feel so much better. My instructor also called me today and asked if I was okay. I definitely learned ALOT through this situation and has help me realize that we are human and the forgiveness I extend to others for their mistakes I can also forigive myself. Thanks to all the RN's present and future who helped me. Lots of gratitude and peace to all.
  2. by   Reddy,RN
    I'm with Daytonite and Jessica 392. I don't think your classmate was trying to make you cry. I think there's a chance for a really good talk with that person if you want to take this opportunity to have a meaningful one-on-one. Telling someone, "I was hoping that talking with you would help me. When you said x, I felt y and I wanted you to know because it's been on my mind. Can you tell me more about how you were with that?"
    By closing it into a yes or no question you allow your classmate an out. Most people do want to help others when they go into nursing, don't you think?
    You are getting to know yourself better through this experience, why not get to know the classmate?
    If you go into this only looking for an apology, it won't work. But if you see it as your chance to see why your classmate's psyche was bumping into yours really hard, whether on purpose or by accident, this could be a golden opportunity for grace under pressure. I wish you courage and good luck .
  3. by   moongirl
    Quote from BSNtobe2009
    I second this!
    I third it.
    why should you care what she thinks???!?! Your CI is behind you, brush it off and continue.
  4. by   JennBoston
    okay, i'm horribly ignorant but what does it mean to check the lines of an iv. in my clinical rotation we have iv pumps with separate channels for some things and piggy back others.
  5. by   augigi
    You need to follow the line from the bag down to the patient - sometimes they get tangled up and you don't want to put the wrong drug at the wrong rate etc. I used to label all my lines both at the patient and bag in critical care.
  6. by   moongirl
    Quote from jennboston
    okay, i'm horribly ignorant but what does it mean to check the lines of an iv. in my clinical rotation we have iv pumps with separate channels for some things and piggy back others.
    when you do your physical assessment you should always check the line from the pt up to the pump to the bag, the rate and vtbi and the type of solution/medication.
  7. by   JennBoston
    oh, okay! i check the iv site for phlebitis and infiltration and check the bag to ensure it's the proper med/dose/vtbi but i don't think i've actually checked the line from the patient up. mdinelle73, i'm so glad you posted this issue so i could learn as well. thanks moongirl!! vbmenu_register
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  8. by   classicdame
    Cooil it be that you have been critical of others or too quick to point out someone else's mistakes? If you can't think of a reason why the classmate made the remark just chalk it up to his bad manners. Believe me, nurses get criticized, but if you take every comment to heart you will soon have a broken heart.

    As for mistakes - we all do that too. Try to learn from them! Good luck.
  9. by   dijaqrn
    As another perfectionist I have to tell you that your classmate is most probably jealous and insecure. You learned alot from this mistake which you know was not "your" mistake and your post helped another student learn some important clinical information!!!!!! You've taken this learning experience and made lemonade, it's great that you care so much and you will be a great nurse!:Melody: