Mid-semester ***ROLL CALL***

  1. Hello all of my fellow nursing students. Whether your just beginning, taking pre-req's, in the middle of your program or just about to finish up in May.....Give a shout out....let us know how you are doing!!!!.....I'll start...

    Fatima here.....classes are going okay....I have 4 exams in the next 2 weeks....so I'll be in the books....:chuckle .....Chemistry is coming along and A & P 1 is wonderful....we're covering "Bones"...
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  3. by   subec
    I'm taking my last pre-requisite this semester, getting ready to start the nursing classes in the fall. This semester, I'm taking music appreciation on the internet---tough huh?

    Good luck to all of you this semester, and the semesters to come.

  4. by   NurzofFaith
    Channa here! Spring break began today,and I have plenty to keep me busy!
    I also have some studying to do this week. I am officially down to 8 weeks of nursing school and cant wait for graduation..May 11th!

    School is going well, busy as usual. It seems they cram so much into the last semester. We dont have clinicals either, we actually preceptor in the hospital setting, which for me is going well and has been a great learning experience!

    I'm off to shop today..something I havent done in awhile..LOL I am interviewing this week twice and want something new to wear!!

    I hope everyone is doing well with their semester!
  5. by   kats
    Hi everybody, I am only taking 2 classes this semester because that is all I could get that I need. I am taking pre-requisites (nutrition and anatomy). My hubby is at sea and I am volunteering at the hospital in the OR on Fridays. I have a "b" in anatomy and an "a" in nutrition right now. I hope to get both "a's" by the end of the semester. Since my husband is going to be negotiating new orders soon, I don't know where I will be applying to nursing school yet. In our anatomy class, we are studying muscles. Fun, fun, huh? Oh, to be back to the days when all I had to do was identify the bones instead of knowing the names of the muscles, their origins, their insertions, and their functions. Bye for now. I have to go study. -Kimberly
  6. by   moni rn
    great idea, fatima!

    this is my first semester in clinicals. doing okay, but could be doing a lot better. i have 3 a's and 1 b. this week is spring break, but i will be studying all week long. we have a mid-term next tuesday in foundations. (potter & perry, ughhh!)

    take care, everyone! :kiss
  7. by   BrandyBSN
    This is my spring break as well, although I still have assignments and papers due this week... just cause there is no class doesnt mean i get vacation... yuck!

    I am doing pretty well right now, 64 days until finals are over I graduate May 18th with my BSN, the four years are almost over!!!!! Thank GOD! I think I would go looney if I had to be in school any longer. I plan on getting my masters, but for now, i just need a break

    Good Luck to everyone! The year is 3/4 of the way over

  8. by   nursedawn67
    I'm not a student.....but wanted to tell you all GOOD LUCK!
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    1st semester of the ADN program almost over My first clinicals are this week, so other than that everything has been going pretty good...

  10. by   jessjoy
    I am in my second semester of an ADN program and just about to finish Psych on Wednesday (I have an 'A', yeah!!!) Next week I start peds and OB which I think will be very interesting and hopefully fun. Only two weeks until Spring Break!!!!! :roll
  11. by   xantha31669
    I am in my 2nd semester of an ADN program and just finished my OB clinicals (thank god!) I start peds on Thursday. I want to be a CNM, but my clinical instructor for OB makes the rotation not so nice. People who had her 20 yrs ago still remember her! I have spring break nest week but I still have studying and home work.

  12. by   paula4ms
    Everything is fine right now. Just had my last class in Neuro/Trauma. Final is next Monday. If I pass I start preceptor that week. Wish me luck. I'm glad everyone is having a good semester.
  13. by   BigC
    hi everyone, connie here and i'm on spring break as well, just start clinicals last week and looking forward to getting back to th em. going to spend my spring break catching up on some much needed housework.....lol. i will be graduating in dec and want to specialize in geriatrics. good luck to us all!! just had to add this......thanks greer for the well wishes and i notice the quote on the bottom of your post.......i printed it out and i going to laminate it and keep it with me on clinicals....thanks:roll
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  14. by   GPatty
    Hi! Julie here! This semester is so trying! But I believe I'm pulling B's in both Med-Surg and Pharmacology.
    Can't wait for spring break......