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Hi everyone! I just spoke with the registrar of my Nursing department this morning and she informed me that when I start in January I'll be able to transfer my Microbiology credit (amoung other... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    LOL!!!! Connie, you are too funny!!! That is pretty much what the RN of 13 years in my Micro class told me.
  2. by   MK2002
    Thanks for the feedback. I had Chemistry back in the mid 80's but I am planning to retake that class. In fact, I am looking forward to it. As for Biology, I honestly do not remember any of it. This should not be a major problem, though. Based on the recommendations I received here, I plan to skip retaking the course, if the college allows it.

    Regretfully, I threw away every college textbook after I received my bachelors degree in 1994 and moved on in life, or I would just re-read some of the Bio text. I was so burnt out from 5 straight years of work back then I thought that I would never take another college course.

    The biggest challenge I have is scheduling. I will have to take A&P, Microbiology, and something else at the same time. It would be nice to take Microbiology next semester, but with my erratic work schedule there is no way I can do it. I guess it will all work out eventually.
  3. by   emily_mom
    I agree with everyone here. I had a new teacher who had a hard time. She ended up giving us open book and notes tests b/c she just wasn't teaching what she should. I got an A, but I've never really used it (would I know if I did?). You'll see stuff relating to Micro, but let the labs deal with it.

  4. by   Debbie5
    This is kind of off the subject, but I was wondering how many unknowns you have in your micro. Our professor says we will have 15. I will be taking micro for the first time next year. When you are working with unknowns, what exactly are you trying to identify?

    Just wondering what I'm up against.
  5. by   colleen10
    Hi Debbie,

    Not sure if I understand your question, do you mean you are given 15 unknown samples of bacteria and you have to identify them by name?
  6. by   CATHYW
    To answer the original qustion, Micro is kind of like riding a bike-you really never forget how to do it. You know what the basics are, and if you forget the details, you know how and where to look them up. Don't doubt that you will be able to use your high B knowledge to your advantage!
  7. by   shabookitty
    Transfer it. If you need to brush up get the book and thumb through it. Just remember sterility and treat everyone like they are infected. I am taking it now. I think Lab techs need it the most. We watched a 2hr b/w movie on Louis Pasteur last night. OMG!