Men Nursing students a ??

  1. We have a class of 18 students (we are an evening / weekend program) anyway...there is 1 man in our class whom is a great guy all the way around (probably 40 ish great married life with 4 kids)
    All of us women in the class notice that 1 particular clinical instructor (who is only 38 herself) picks on him unmercifully. Do you guys find this common?? It really bothers me that he gets singled out
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  3. by   Arkansas
    Hey There,

    In my class of about 65 there are 8 men. I guess you could say that when we first started I felt like we were singled out just a bit, but not extremely. I think they were just testing to see how serious we were about being nurses. Now that not a single one of us has dropped, I think our instructors see just how serious we are

  4. by   Furball
    Probably depends on what school you are at. the guys at my school tended to get away with a lot as compared with the female students. Who probably depends on each individual instructor. Different treatment drives me nuts either way.......
  5. by   2banurse
    My former supervisor is a male RN in NY. He is the reason that I've decided to pursue nursing again. He is both tough and tender towards his patients, and in psychiatry, you do need a toughness. Even with all the administrative duties (he is the program coordinator as well), he is one of the best nurses I have ever come to meet.

    For everyone deciding to go into nursing, male or female, I say great.

  6. by   JTOD
    i'm a male student nurse in ireland and there's just 7 of us lads in a class of 66 and as far as i can see we're looked upon as being much more reliant than most of the girls. maybe one of ye should say something to her, afterall she can't get rid of you. can she?
  7. by   epg_pei
    ...especially if you're on the handsome side, certain nursing instructors seem to notice.

    In my class of 80, there are 10 or 12 guys, and a couple seem to be getting an easy ride.
  8. by   RutgerskidBSN
    Being 1 of 6 male students in a class of 41, i do feel as though i am singled out. I have consistantly been the only guy in my clinical group until this last one in OB/Gyn. My clinical instructor does single us out trys to embarrass us in front of other students and nurses. I just keep my mouth shut and eat it up.
    I am the representative of my class and the VP of the student nurses association, so i have too much at stake to even open my mouth to her.

    I feel as though that the professors are intimidated of us males. I myself have a very strong personality so that also comes into play when the professor singles us out. Luckly i am humerous and try to play it off as being funny. But sometimes it takes it's toll.

    In regards to being cute. I am not sure if that plays a role in the professors. I do believe however that the staff nurses at the clinical sites prefer cute boys. I cant tell you how many times i have heard comments about me (i must confess i find it flattering).

    but anyway, the only thing we can do is suck it up and try to pass.

  9. by   MelSky
    there's 2 males out of 74 students. the males are well respected by the instructors and very much sought after by the single females in the class... LOL
  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I'm one of 3 males in our class of 90. I used to have a problem with being singled out, but I started being proactive about subjects that I had a firm hold on and beat them to the punch. After a few times of not being able to answer me , they started picking on someone else.
  11. by   Furball
    Cool Peeps! Fighting fire with fire... I LIKE that!
  12. by   howie122832
    We started with 3 men in our class, and now we are down to 1! The instructors, it seemed to the majority of the class, just wanted to "Run" them off. It was very obvious to us and them! They were held to unrealistic expectations, and treated differently than us "women"! The male left has gotten this far by have a "whatever" attitude. We graduate on tuesday!!! YEA!
  13. by   Mkue
    OMG, only one male in my class and he is a joy to have, he's funny and everyone treats him really well, no different than anyone else. All the instructors seem to like him.. there are times when he does get frustrated and needs to vent, like the rest of us. The patient's really like him, especially the females.
  14. by   sarcomere
    My class has 3 boys and 19 girls. Nice to have a couple of roosters in the crazy hen house!! They can break the cluckin every once in awhile. Nestled in a hen house can get to you after awhile with all the cluckin!