Males in nursing

  1. Maybe this is a topic that has been covered on this site before, but since I am new to nursing and to, I'd like to say that I am a bit concerned with the fact that I will be attending nursing school within two years and I will most likely be in the minority as far as gender is concerned. I would like to know if anyone has any stories or input that they'd like to share concerning being a male nurse or nursing student. Thanks!
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    For the first and probably only time in your life you will be a minority, outnumbered by10-1 by women. Enjoy it, I hope your single. I won't elaborate, use your imagination.
  4. by   KristaB
    Maybe not quite 10-to-1, depending on your program. Our program has about 20% men.

    I have a friend that is a male psych nurse at a local hospital. He's told me numerous times that he's always gotten more respect from doctors because he is male (not that he thinks it is fair -- just how it is). Patients also always assume he's a doctor. I personally haven't seen a difference with the guys in my clinical group. We have two in our group of eleven, and we all get along great.

  5. by   kennedyj
    I have to agree with kewl. the ratio is great. My school graduated 2 males out of 60 students.

    Find a good beer drinkin study group, be the only guy, and enjoy it.
  6. by   GPatty
    We only have a few guys and I am friends with 2 of them (closer lab groups). I think they are great! We're all in this to help people, and I don't think that is a gender issue. Go for it, if that's what you want to do! I talked with a young man last night who is thinking of becoming a nurse. He wanted my opinion on it, and I told him I thought he would be fantastic! He's smart, young, full of energy and ready to get the world, so do it!
    Good Luck to you!
  7. by   Notanurse
    I posted a question similar to this earlier this month. I am going back to school like so many other here to become a nurse. Unfortunately, I have been in a independent work environment for three years and earning a pretty good living. I call all the shots and set my schedule working from home.

    Sounds good, doesn't it. Well, it is. But, I have a feeling I am being called to nursing and specifically CRNA. I just think I am going to have a hard time adjusting to some of the unpleasant parts of getting there. (Bedpans, fecal matter, etc.) I think I may be an assertive nurse, which may be good or bad at times.

    Thanks for posting your comment and question. It helps me vent about my concerns too. By the way, I am happily married and father of one. Unfortunately, beer drinking days are OVER!!!!!!!!!
    Especially with co-eds.
  8. by   Stray FL
    I'm a 25 year old male just starting out trying to get into nursing.

    I get alot of crap from my drinking buddies but I'm bound and determined.
  9. by   Gry
    Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, I feel that I need all that I can get. I am also going to attempt to get into the CRNA field, so I'm excited to find that I'm not the only one making that choice. As far as the beer drinking and man to woman ratio goes, I'm a married father of a five year old daughter, so there probably will not be a great deal of alcohol involved with my studying! Besides, I need every spare brain cell that I can muster to make it through the next few years! Thanks again to everyone for all the teriffic info and encouragement, you've really given me a big confidence boost.
  10. by   rosemadder
    Congratulations on entering the nursing program! The men in my program (1st semester) are great! We have around 7 out of a class of 55.

    Get used to being called a doctor in clinicals! Many patients still think that any male is a doctor. It gives you a definite advantage for a patient to show confidence (even falsely) in you!

    Another great advantage is that if you are uncomfortable with a procedure with a female patient you can trade off procedures with a female student sometimes in clinicals. This could be helpful until you become comfortable (if you can get away with it).

    People are funny! Some women wouldn't dream of having a man put her on a bedpan while others are more comfortable with a man. You just never know!!!

    You must be a special person to have decided to become a nurse, so don't sweat it!! You'll be great!
  11. by   Joshua21
    Here's what's going to happen: The geriatric clientel are mostly going to be just wowed and think it a treat that they have a "male" nurse (I really hate that definer) or remember a "male" nurse they had in the past. Or they'll think your a doctor and even after explain your postion, leave the room and the family asks who was that they will say "I think that was my doctor". Baby boomers are a little better although if you don't make it clear your a nurse right away, they'll blab away their story {perhaps not a bad thing but in ER it's "just the facts ma'am") and the gen x'er's ask your position and kids don't care as long as you have a genuine smile. Have fun. You won't change the world in a day!
  12. by   nrice
    Hello to you. I am not in school yet and am a female so why the heck am I reading and writing... Good question (big laugh).

    Really I think that in a time like we are in today, my hat goes off to anyone who wants to better themsleves. I think that I would tend to befriend a male more than a female. At times females can be very petty and always trying to one up or look better. I haven't always had the best of luck with girl friends. I do have some don't get me wrong, but they are very much like me and don't pull any punches.

    I laughed at one of the above posts... he had a wife and a child, his beer drinkin days are over! Amen to that my friend. I have two children and a hubby and wouldn't ever want to go back to those days.

    I just wanted to say hello and welcome!