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hello, I'm new here... I just wanted to say hello and see if anyone would like to talk to me (doesn't that sound depressing) lol... anyway, I'm a nursing student in ol' indiana, and I love it!!!... Read More

  1. by   babynursewannab
    Hiya Brad - from the great state of Georgia!

  2. by   IUPUIguy21nurse
    Wow, I was shocked to see all the replies tonight! How Kind of you. Thank you all for such great messgs. It was very sweet. It's so nice having such a great online site, such as this! How fun! Well, I guess I should get some work done. I'm working on an extra credit assignment now for class tomorrow. Can't wait to talk more!!!
  3. by   IUPUIguy21nurse
    to: SusanRN
    Do you happen to be in bloomington? Just curious...
    p.s. I have no Idea how to reply just to your mesg.
  4. by   zacarias
    Hey Brad,

    Welcome to the board. I'm a 24 y/o student from WA here just starting second year this week. Everyone, will post my experience thus far this weekend when I have more time!
    Jump right in to our discussions Brad when you have time, a lot of great folks here.

  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    brady! greetings from alabama. all the best to you.
  6. by   AmiK25

    I am a BSN student at IUPUI, too. Who in the world let you do an extra credit assignment? I don't ever remember being given a chance for extra credit in any nursing classes. Are they getting

  7. by   Allison P
    Hi Brad

    Welcome to the board. Good luck with school.
  8. by   Whisper
    Hello and welcome
  9. by   elusive
    Hey and, welcome from the great white north!
  10. by   Dublin37
    Won't somebody pleeeeease tell me what the PUI stands for after the UI? I'm from CA. Welcome! We've got more and more guys coming into nursing here, it's great. Heather
  11. by   Lausana
    (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis)