1. Hi Everyone,

    Today was my first day for class. My instructor told the class that we should take LPN instead of ADN. Because the hospital would pay for us to go back to school get our ADN Or BSN.

    Suggestion Please!!!

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  3. by   delirium
    Um, do what you want to do. Not what your instructor says you should do. Its true that many facilities will offer tuition reimbursement or scholarships but generally it is in exchange for a work commitment you make to them.

    I'm graduating from an ADN program in a few short months, and maybe 2 out of 50 people became LPNs first.
  4. by   nessa1982
    Most of the LPNs I know told me to go for my RN first and not bother with the LPN (I think because many are stuck as LPNs and have a hard time going back to school). Its up to you maybe if you are willing to work for tution reimbersment (or you need the money) it would be worth it. I also agree with Delerium as to do what you want to do not what your instructor "suggests". HTH
    go for the rn program because a lot of employers are offering tuition reimbersment or loan forgiveness to gns anyway...some are even offering that along with sign-on bonuses as well. fox, this is a new grad's market now...you can go anywhere...any speciality (most specialities that doesn't require additional certification that is) you want.

    here's something else to think about as well: depending on your sbon, you can sit for the lpn license after completing your first year of adn school. so if you need to work sooner...you can work part-time as a lpn, get more clinical experience & continue your adn program at the same time. that's a win-win situation to me...wished i'd known about that sooner!

    anyhoo, good luck in your endeavors!

    moe :wink2:
  6. by   nursbee04
    In my area, you have to sign a contract with the hospital that states that you have to work for them x number of years if they pay for your education. I know a girl who did this and she is miserable at this hospital, and they won't let her re - negotiate the contract, either. But on the other hand, it may work out great for you. I'd try to talk to someone who has went this route, I guess there are pros and cons either way. Good Luck!!
  7. by   RNIAM
    You have to do what is right for you. good luck with your choice. For me it would depend on my future goals etc.
  8. by   Fox
    Thanks guys for all of your suggestions.

  9. by   Jennerizer
    My nursing professor strongly encouraged us not to work if at all possible while in the RN program. So it might be difficult to work full-time or even part-time being a LPN & go through the RN program at the same time.

    Ultimately though, it's whatever works best for you.