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I'm just whinning........certainly to a group of intellectuals that can somehow utilize this contradictory load of crap. I'm certain this will be the only useless part of school, but I just can't... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Originally posted by Peeps Mcarthur

    You're not disagreeing with me,your disagreeing with Santrock. I took the direct quote out of my psych 101 textbook and even included a citation to that effect...........................................

    Oh gaawd!,I just can't take this any more! :roll
    Sleepyeyes..."Oh gaawd! I just can't take this any more either! That boy Peeps is driving me to Erikson for HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

    Peeps...I rest my case against your reasons for debating this course by your first sentence above. You just want to DEBATE...period...end of story...THANKS FOR THE RIDE! It's been swell, brother. :chuckle
  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I can't debate with myself so it hasn't really become one.

    C'mon,you thought the baby dialouge was cute didn't you? I've tried to interject humor and have a deep discussion. I've not done anything but be completely honest.

    And that's how I always will be with you or anyone else so at least there is one thing you can count on.
  3. by   fergus51
    The dialogue was cute, but I still say babies have feelings beyond my butt is stinging. All you have to do is assess a baby who has had its physical needs met, but none of its emotional needs met to see it. Having treated a five month old adopted from a Romanian orphanage, believe me on this one. You're idea that deep feelings don't occur in babies comes from where? The fact that they can't tell you they have feelings? Babies do have emotional needs that need to be met and Erickson is just one of the psych guys to put this into a theory.
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    How do you know you are observing the end result of feelings?

    Couldn't the actions be reflexive instinct as is the case with rooting behavior. If you used that logic for rooting you would mistake it for hunger.

    Or is reflex a primitive "feeling"?

    Now this is approaching a discussion!
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    OK, ok you got me.... *sigh*

    I have 6 kids. Every baby had a different personality -- from birth

    They saw me, they knew me, we interacted. The urge to interact is primal, the reactions are personality.

    It's just like a tube-feeder or a person in a coma, peeps. You just know.

    If there was a logic to it that made any sense, we wouldn't be human.

    As far as psychology goes.... I scrapped it in favor of Creationism.

    So I'm outta here.... and I'll go back to being the good lil lurker; you two have fun, and remember! no flaming and no buttered buns....
  6. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    It must be my cool objectivity that drives people nuts. People seem to take seemingly harmless dry statements as disrespect for thier belief system.

    Never having bonded to a child,I can look at development in a more scientific way.

    I can never accept "you just know" as an explanation for anything but faith.

    So now,
    Can we say that you have faith and not a scientific method then?

    BTW,I am both a creationist and an evolutionist. There is no way to rule out either hypothesis so until a beter explanation comes along they are conjoined theories.
    In my very not humble opinnion
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  7. by   Furball
    The "big bang" was God snapping his fingers.....
  8. by   live4today
    okay peeps...i see you are missing me, so i'm back for you to continue chatting with. :chuckle we have debated this psych class and erikson's theory enough to know that you are sold on the "scientific approach" to life. if you desire to become a parent one day, please come back after that event occurs and tell us then that your "scientific beliefs" are what they are now. i guarantee you'll be like a whole different person once you hold your newborn child for the first time, and if you are really sensitive, you'll begin that bond with your child while it is in your wife's womb. i'd love to hear you return to this bb and fully describe how you "know what you know" about how your unborn child is developing within his nesting place until he/she is born. how will you be able to imagine the many wonders that are being created within your infant child as it goes from being nothing but a "glob" to a tiny person?
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    Ok, faith then. Whichever it is, I interact better with my kids or my cat if I believe that in addition to a certain set of primal developmental needs, I respond to their personality.

    the psychological class that you are taking, IMHO, is for the clueless. You not only have excellent reasoning and critical thinking skills, the major prob I see is that you intuit beyond the psych book talking heads want you to at this point. Ergo, it's like trying to teach addition to a rocket scientist.

    As far as my un-faith in psychology goes, I've gotten better results talking to God, and I shall continue to do so. Further, I believe evolution is valid--for everything but humans. There, I think Creationism is the truer theory.

    --I really am going to put my poor swollen feet up now....
    great chatting with you guys; interesting opinions, all around.
  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    the major prob I see is that you intuit beyond the psych book talking heads want you to at this point. Ergo, it's like trying to teach addition to a rocket scientist.
    Now how could I possibly disagree with that!
    Really unfair to go for the ego(ouch!)........Thanks:imbar

    As for God,Iwholeheartedly have faith in an almighty God but my logic sees the absurdity in doing something like closing my eyes when I'm driving and "letting God guide me" as well,so what I'm saying is that my logic allows me a "get-out-of-natural-selection- free card" and my faith gives me the strength to live with my decisions...........not to make them.

    I see you are missing me,
    We have debated this psych class and Erikson's theory enough to know that you are sold on the "Scientific Approach" to life. IF you desire to become a parent one day, please come back after that event
    I will tell you a story now that you believe I was Ebeneezer Scrooge in a past life.....................During my first year as a resp. therapist I was assigned a rotation through NICU. I had never seen a crackbaby before that and I never want to see one again actualy. If you have ever seen a helpless baby,jaundiced and convulsing with the only "disease" process being that they are alive and happend to contract "life" near enough to medical care,then you would neither believe in a God, or that it could "feel" suffering and abandonment such as Erikson would describe. If those ideals are true then crackbabies only live to suffer because God created them,crackbabies know that they are abandoned and suffering. If the crackbabies live then they will suffer more by never being to you,this must be true as it was to me.
    To make a very long story short(cheerful breathes a sigh of relief) I started to develop a drinking problem and would sometimes just,for lack of a better phrase,cry myself to sleep.
    Pathetic,I know,but enough to force myself to work every night. The problem progressed to the point of affecting my work of course,and I turned to the comfort of "adults only" care until I could no longer function as a caregiver and literally went to get a job selling breadmakers a Montgomery Ward one day.

    I was not forsaken though,

    11 years ago this all-star break(my calendar is not roman but sports since I'm a man) I was at the very bottom of the "vacum of the lost" and prayed to God for help and I believe that God did and so I was "cured". I haven't had a drop of the booze in 11 years! I met God but my hair didn't turn white and there were no burning bushes that I noticed,but then I realized that babies cannot feel. If they did suffer,then who would be closer to God than a baby? If God could hear my cries for help and intercede then God would then take pity on that of a baby.
    After studying the observable of God's creation there is a conclusion that God exists.
    If all that is true then the crackbabies would pray to God almighty and then they would die.

    So you see now with clarity.
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  11. by   live4today
    dear peeps

    i am so sorry that you had such an awful experience when working with that crackbaby, and probably more than one in your previous line of work as a respiratory therapist. i am most happy to hear that you allowed god to touch your spirit, therefore, healing your life from the tragedy of alcoholism! congratulations to you for being sober the past eleven years. :hatparty:

    with you having faith in god now, pray for him to reveal to you the discernment of those things that you have no faith or little faith in. other myself and so many others on this bb...can and should encourage and edify you as you grow in the knowledge of your faith. you can always count on me to be an encourager and edifier to matter what, which is why i have taken the time on this thread to share back and forth with you. i'm not here to condemn your thoughts, but to challenge your thought processes in ways that you may not have had them challenged before. we all learn new things this's part of growing up and educating ourselves.

    i can understand you...or anyone for that matter...questioning why god allows...or doesn't interfere...or the suffering in a person's that person an infant, child, or adult. the way i like to share about this with others is to bring "the whys of suffering" a little closer to home.

    as a mother...there were times when i could not spare my own child from pain or suffering. i simply had to have faith that they would honor what i had taught them, and be prudent in their choices, and act responsibly when away from home. no matter how much i wanted to protect them, i couldn't protect them from their own actions, or the actions of someone else against them all the time. if i constantly interfered in judgment calls that they had to make while growing up into the fine young women they are today, they would not have been prepared for the many painful lessons that are out there in the world long after they became of legal age. sometimes their choices cost them something of great was in a car accident because she had been drinking beer with her teenaged friends, and ended up with one of her ankles and foot in a soft cast and had to use crutches to get around. one girl rebelled against our wishes, and became pregnant in her teens from a much older man who ended up abusing her and the baby. i thank god that my daughter allowed god to come into her life at that time because doing so caused her to make better choices, leave the man who was abusing her and is the biological father of her firstborn child, and now she has a wonderful marriage and family. she used that terrible experience by sharing her true story with other young women whom she has met over the last six years who are in abusive marriages or relationships. she is a walking miracle today because she learned from her lessons -- in time -- before that man abused her to the point of costing her and my grandson their lives. she didn't just learn a lesson, peeps.......she shares that experience for the benefit of other women and their children.

    i could share with you things that i have been through, and have questioned god about...asking him "why? why me? why god? what more do you want from me?" there isn't enough room on this entire bb for me to write that book, so i will suffice it to say...i have since learned "why"!

    god is not a communist god. a communist god is one who would dictate who lives and who dies...who suffers and who doesn't...who is healed and who isn't healed...and so forth. the god that you speak of i a loving god...a democratic who practices "fair play"...if you will. when his heaven's open up and pour down buckets of rain upon the rains on both good and bad. when his sun sunshines on both good and bad. when a woman takes crack throughout her pregnancy and gives birth to a crack baby, god will not selectively spare that child's life anymore than he would interfere in the life of a perfectly healthy baby who dies of crib death.

    we can't be both democratic and communist. it's called making a stand...and making it matter the consequences. that is a sign of full maturity...responsibility and accountability rolled into one. god does not play favorites when it comes to the lives of his children. it is not his desire to see his children suffer...that was never a part of his perfect plan. he didn't bring sin into the did. so, for you to blame god for allowing that crack mother's baby to suffer so much from the baby's own mother's free choices in her life, is like saying it was a mother's fault if her healthy baby died of crib death...even though she never did drugs, drank alcohol...but she ate healthy, went to her doctor appointments all nine months of her pregnancy, yet her baby died?

    if you were a could not play favorites when punishing or loving your children...and sometimes there is a tendency for parents to do just that. yes...god did have a twinkle in his eye for david, isaac, jacob, moses, and so forth, but if you read their stories in the old testament section of your bible, you'll find that they paid dearly for their own consequences just like judas and a few others paid heavily for their consequences. you had good and bad men doing evil, yet they all chose their own punishment by abusing their god given
    free choice to live a better life for themselves. that crackbaby suffered because the baby's mother chose to include her unborn child in her drug addiction knowing full well the consequences of her actions would affect not just her...but her baby too. well, i'll let you absorb all of this. sorry for the long post, but in reading your post above, i felt you really needed this interaction. :kiss
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  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Woo! PREACH Renee! Great post! :angel2:
  13. by   Sleepyeyes
    Dear ((((((((Peeps)))))),
    Before you read "The Fallacy of Freud," please read "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People." Please....

    It's a very important philosophical work (along with the Bible) especially for us in health care, who want to know "Why."