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I'm just whinning........certainly to a group of intellectuals that can somehow utilize this contradictory load of crap. I'm certain this will be the only useless part of school, but I just can't... Read More

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    Honey, I think you'll make a real kick-butt nurse. But don't do it if you need your ego stroked by anything but your patient's (sometimes miniscule and impossible to measure) responses to your care.

    A lot of nurses feel the same way you do about the theoretical stuff, but none of us has the energy to fight every stupid idea that comes across the desk.

    Nursing is war; health against sickness, life against death. I "choose my battles," and the psychological mutterings and incantations of the few no longer not deserve my ire; I have bigger fish to fry.

    Death, beware!

    Long Live the Patient & Good Quality of Life to him/her too! :kiss
    D'ya think....
    maybe this is why I've always been a loner??? :roll :roll