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  1. Hello,
    not looking for memorization tips. I am looking for any techniques or strategies that any of you guys may have used for learning the various medications. My school has given us a list of about 20 different meds ( we have to know all the information about the meds). This is feasible right now considering that we have about 2 weeks before classes start. I have been trying to learn about 2 per day. However once classes begin, and we are given an assignment of this magnitude with less amount of time to learn , I was looking for any suggestions on how to absorb and really learn the material. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   healthstar
    If I had to learn 20 diff meds----I would starts with 5..once you have learned the first 5 add 5 more and so on. It really helped me.I learn best when I write them out over and over and also test myself at the end by using flashcards.
  4. by   parrothead36
    Ok thanks. That's what I've been doing on a smaller scale: learning 2 per day. So if we were given an assignment like this once class begins, then I guess I would increase the amount I tried to learn at one time.
  5. by   MrsJessica
    I use flash cards for EVERYTHING haha. I literally have stacks upon stacks! I find myself able to memorize and understand the information easier!
  6. by   Despareux
    Sometimes I record myself explaining what I understand, listening to it and taking notes on my recording, and then double checking my explanation. I also draw out what I understand. And my favorite way of learning is explaining the subject/concept to my kids or husband. These techniques help me the most.
  7. by   parrothead36
    Ok thanks you guys! flashcards and explaining what I've learned in my own words (well I know I have to incorporate the medical terminology into my explainations). Again Thanks!!!
  8. by   doublehelix
    When I took my HCA program, our teacher always taught us 10 abbreviations/definitions/etc a day. She took a teaching related course, and her instructor claimed people learned better when taught in increments of ten.
    With something like meds though, I'd probably start off with five a day. But for words and such, 10 worked great.
  9. by   parrothead36
    Thanks Doublehelix I will remember the rule of 10!
  10. by   dandk1997RN
    I record my notes onto my MP3 player and listen to them during my commute (1.5 hours a day.) If they are short, I listen to them again. Def. helps, because I have to understand my notes to record them, then I reinforce my memory by listening over and over.
  11. by   parrothead36
    Thanks Kimbelina!!! That sounds great,started school on Monday and was trying out my recorder. I think that will work well listening to the lecture while driving!! Bye-bye radio, I guess!! Hello NUR 1201!!!