Last Semester Stress Anyone???

  1. I have only until May to graduate and I am having the worst stress I have had so far. I keep having visions of totally screwing up in clinicals and being kicked out of school and having to pay back all this money!! I'm having nightmares.

    Is anyone else having these same thoughts? I am also freaking out because I will soon actually be an RN!!! (OR WILL I????))

    I'm actually having chest pains!
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  3. by   camkib
    I think the stress associated with this time in your life is normal. You've got fear of failure..fear of success...all in one.

    You've come this we know you can do it!

    you'll be a wonderful nurse!!
  4. by   atenpen

    I would have thought I had written your email. Oh yes, stressed beyond belief. I too will graduate in May. We will make it!!! Failure is NOT an option.
  5. by   renerian
    I am almost done with my Masters program. Only two tests to go and I can apply to graduate. My goal was to finish in one year and if I finish by March I did it in that time. Did the same for my bachelors degree-one year. It has been a hard two years.

    Could be your stressing cause the workload gets harder, could be your reading things on this board that are stressing you as well.

    Take a deep breath..

  6. by   CJStudent
    I'm having a different kind of stress- like everyone keeps asking me where am I going to work, what do I want to do, etc. We have to make a resume next week, and I don't even know what my objective is going to be. I keep circling around and around in my head- what do I want to be when I grow up? ha ha...I know I want to do something in nursing, obviously, but what??? I mean, I know my long term goals, but what are my short term goals? I am feeling some senioritis and stress from having to graduate and actually use this degree I've worked so hard to get.

    I guess everyone feels some stress in their last semester... you will be fine, so hang in there. I am dreading taking my boards...however everyone that I've talked to from last semester that graduated passed them.

    We will make it! Are you counting down the days???
  7. by   Katnip
    Im not too worried about failing the last semester, but already I'm having nightmares about NCLEX.
  8. by   peaceful2100
    I'm having nightmares about NCLEX and where I will work after graduation.
  9. by   CountrifiedRN
    Yep, I've been feeling the same way. I'm not afraid of failing, but the huge responsibility of doing everything on my own, having the RN behind my name.

    I guess everyone feels that way as they get closer to graduation. I got some great advice here a couple weeks ago - to give the nurses on your rotation a list of skills you would like to do so you can get as much experience as possible before graduation, and to find an employer with a really good orientation program for new grads.

    I tried out the suggestion to give the nurses a list of skills I wanted to do, and they really appreciated it as they were not sure what they could ask us to do for them with their other patients. And I got to do some extra skills as a result!

    You'll do fine, just soak up as much experience as you can!
  10. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by rosemadder

    is anyone else having these same thoughts?
  11. by   oilerfan
    We are done mid April as long as clinical marks are to the "minimal acceptable standard" level and above...I am, after damn near four years: Stressed, Sick and Tired of school, Malnourished due to eating Mac and Cheese (any idea what 4 years of eating Mac n Cheese does to your kidneys? ouch!), Poor to the point where actually being able to buy Kraft Mac n Cheese is looking like a luxury (it is far more gastronomically pleasing than the generic stuff) Have a profound hate-on for most of those around me...But clinical is still fun and exciting, the patients crack me up...Man, I hope nursing was the right decision.
  12. by   rosemadder
    Thanks everybody,
    I feel better. Sometimes I forget that I am not the only one going through this and feel like nobody could be feeling the same way.

    So now that I'm not stressing (as much) about failing or getting through the to figure out in what area I want to work.

    Thanks again and everyone have a great semester!
  13. by   NewERRN
    I just finished an ADN program in December. The stress was horrable!!! I would be worried if you weren't stressed or scared, it would mean that you really didn't care. Hang in there, you'll be fine. Be sure to take some time to decompress every once in a while. I am living proof, it can be done. Always remember nurses are angels with invisible wings.
  14. by   Randall
    I am just hanging on---it seems we have more class work this semester than any previous. I didn't do well on the first quiz--usually make high B or A. So now my confidence is shaken.
    Does anyone else have to take a graduation test? Ours is from the ERI company and the school has set scores we have to make or don't graduate.