January/Spring '08 Starters...check in! - page 8

hello everyone!!! i thought...we are inching closer and closer to our start dates, it might be good to introduce ourselves and get aquainted as we will be leaning on each other (and those who are... Read More

  1. by   ErinRena
    Nervous! I start in 7 days, January 14!

  2. by   RossayRN
    Name: Vincetta
    no orientation yet
    start Jan 22

    Finished prerequisites and looking forward to getting the next 5 semester over with! I have 2 children 5, and 1 boy and girl.
  3. by   RossayRN
    oh and I am at Chicago State University
  4. by   Nurse EMT
    name: kara

    orientation date: end of last month

    start date: january 23

    school attending: anne arundel community college, maryland (an hour outside of the nation's capitol)
    degree seeking: bsn, thanks to contract with villa julie college

    school history: graduated high school in 04', been going to community college ever since, full time some semesters, part time others. i've been done my pre-reqs for over a year for nursing transfer to a 4 year school... i have an associates of science degree in nursing transfer

    personal info: i live with my loving fire fighter boyfriend of 2 years, 2 fun cats. i like to go to the gym in my spare time... and sleep! :spin: i have been volunteering with my local fire dpt. for 5 years now... i am an emt, ambulance driver, and cpr instructor, and serve on a couple of committees there. i work part time at a drug rehab, as a tech.

    anything else you want to share: i'm both nervous and excited! eeeeek!!!

    how are you preparing?: just bought the 20 text books... now i'm just waiting!

    good luck all!!!
  5. by   BeachPrincess
    I second all those who are nervous as well. I start on the 14th!!!

    The excitement is killing me!!
  6. by   NurseChapel
    I start my ADN program at QCC on January 28th.

    All pre-reqs except Micro are done (I'll take that over the summer).

    I'm nervous, of course, but excited to get this started!
  7. by   laurabella
    congrats and good luck to everyone! this is my first post on allnurses - i'm feeling a bit shy for some reason. :uhoh21:

    name: laura

    orientation date: first orientation sept 19th, final orientation sometime in feb

    start date: march 24

    school attending: california state university, los angeles

    degree seeking: bsn

    school history: started pre-reqs spring 2005, finished spring 2006 (feels like so long ago!); accepted to bsn program june 2007 for spring start. it seems like i've been waiting for this forever.

    personal info: married seven years with two cats and a dog.

    anything else you want to share: i am terrified! i previously worked as an analyst at a financial insurance company, so this is completely different. i'm extremely fortunate to have the support of my husband (in every conceivable way) so i don't have to work and am able to focus entirely on my studies. i feel like i don't fit in: most of my classmates are in their early twenties, have kids, and/or work full time - none of which apply to me.

    how are you preparing?: all of my paperwork, immunizations, requirements, etc. have been complete for months. this quarter, i'm finishing the last upper division gen ed requirements for the bs so i won't have to worry about them once the nursing program begins. i'm also worrying that it's been nearly two years since my anatomy, physiology, and microbiology courses and that i've forgotten important material. trying not to stress out too much.
  8. by   LaLa McDaniels
    For all those who have started as of today, how was the first day? Did your school give you your supplies? Our school hands out a nursing bag with things we will need for labs. Will start 1st day tomorrow (jan 22) Had orientation on the 16th. wish me luck, i'm so exicited.
  9. by   brandi110
    Hello all I started Jan 14 so im officially one week into my first semester of the ADN degree. The reading material is heavy and I am nervous about my first test tomorrow. Well here goes and good luck to everyone.
  10. by   Merilee15
    name: merilee

    orientation date: jan 14 2008

    start date: january 14

    school attending: wyoming

    degree seeking: lpn

    school history: finished pre-req's fall 2007 for the rn program. i am going to get my lpn and then bridge to the rn program.

    personal info: i'm 24, i have 2 kids and a great husband. my daughter is 3 and my son is 2. i am a respite provider for the state of wyoming. in other words, i take care of handicapped children in my home when their parents need a break. i usually have 2 kids every day, at least 3 days a week. i also work part time as a home health cna. i hope i can handle 2 kids, school and life! yikes!

    how are you preparing?: i'm cpr certified, just finished up the last of my immunizations. bought $900 worth of books!!! still looking for the right stethescope and trying to decide if i'm going to invest in a pda.
  11. by   LMRN10
    I start tomorrow!!! I am still getting my stuff done, but almost there...

    Good luck everyone!!!
  12. by   sissytea34
    Here we go!

    My name is Theresa. I'm 37 and live in Zephyrhills, Florida. I just registered for CNA classes and hope to go all the way to RN. I am very nervous and excited at the same time. Good luck to all!
  13. by   fiveofpeep
    name: theresa

    orientation date: came and passed

    start date: january 28

    school attending: csulb

    degree seeking: rn bsn

    school history: hmm, graduated high school a semester early, did pre reqs and actually transferred in two years from a community college haha. i applied and was accepted with physio in progress so i am going straight in. as a result, this semester i'm taking patho, pharm, fundamentals, communication, and nutrition. god help me

    personal info: i'm 19, and luckily can live at home. i'm starting nursing school with my best friend i'm very driven, optomistic...this is starting to sound like a job application hahaha

    how are you preparing?: i revamped my website where i post study guides and flashcards etc so i can be more helpful this year.
    i have been pricked way too many times too, and am getting cpr certified tonight.
    i started reading the first few chapters of all of my books, and am outlining chapters for the first day of patho, as the instructor does not allow laptops and i write way too slow.
    i bought a brand new ikea desk with so much organization that is so good for my ocd .
    i bought some tup-a-ware to put in my trunk, one for food items so i can save money at school, and one to put all my books in because i will commute and want to have everything in case i need it.
    spent way too much money on all those books, school, supplies, and stethoscopes.
    i gave blood pressure readings at work to anyone who was willing which really boosted my confidence with "strangers" and helped me get comfortable with hearing the sounds and using the scope. (i recommend this)
    i also scoured allnurses and the internet for helpful documents for school.

    i liked reading this thread, it gave me some tips on what to get started on.

    good luck everyone.

    http://geocities.com/roadtorn is my website in case you have similar classes