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  1. roni221

    Living in total poverty I need a job

    I agree with the commuter. Also networking is huge. What's the saying? It's not what you know it's who you know. Even if your best friend or mom can't help you, you never know when a friend might have a friend that works at a place that needs people. Don't give up. There's many of us out there with ya. We thought hospitals would be lining up and giving us bonuses. Hope something comes to you soon.
  2. roni221

    Anyone else experiencing burnout??

    I've been feeling burnt out. this is a tough semester for us 2 of 4 in ADN. We do get to sit for our LPN so I'm trying to look forward to reaching the milestones along the way like I'm (almost) finished with 2nd semester and (hopefully) will have an LPN. Still have a year to go but I've been doing it for 3 and 1/2 years with prereqs. Working, going to school and taking care of a family. We just have to keep our eyes on the prize!!! Good luck everyone.
  3. roni221

    Failed NCLEX-PN 2x =(

    Have you tried Suzanne's plan?
  4. Our program is based on points but an instructor can fail you for putting a pt. in physical jeopardy. This of course would be the instructors definition of "physical jeopardy". IMO this clause can be used for good reason or abused as an excuse to fail someone.
  5. roni221

    IVPB med disaster

    We are learning this right now so I'm sure there are other more experienced nurses and even students that can tell you exactly how to do this with extra little tips and stuff. What I wanted to say was to ask for extra help either from your clinical instructor or we have at our school teacher/nurse who's only job is to tutor student so if if you are struggling you can just schedule some time with her and she'll go over skills (or theory) with you. It's a huge asset to us. You should look into something like that. Maybe practicing under less pressure will help solidify the steps for you. It's great preparation to read the book and know your steps but actually practicing with the hardware (iv bags and tubing) will make it automatic. Can't wait to see what advice everyone has for you though, we might both find some good tips.
  6. roni221

    What will you do over summer break?

    I'm so stoked for summer. I've been in school the past two summers. And in two weeks I will have completed my first semester of nursing school! I will still be working part-time but after doing that and ns, just working will be a piece of cake! I will of course spend lots of time with my kids - zoo, water park, hanging in the backyard. And for me - late spring cleaning of course, but the fun stuff - scrapbooking, reading, throwing lots of backyard bbqs. I can't even imagine.... :roll:smilecoffeecup::yelclap::beer::cheers::anpom: um yeah, can you tell I'm excited....
  7. Thank you! I do this all the time. I do leave the pulse ox on the finger for awhile so I'm sure I get an accurate reading but I've never noticed much of a difference. I've never had any problems or anyone tell me to do it differently. A couple of weeks ago I had a family member mention something like that and lo and behold her mother satted just fine (like 97 or so) and proved the family member wrong. I would probably get annoyed if someone tried to tell me how to do my job when they didn't have experience doing it day in and day out. Especially if they started trying to talk about anatomy like you say you did. it just sounds condescending to me. I can understand about the BP thing, it should be done on the correct arm. Apparently it didn't make too much of a difference or the nurse would have came in and redid it. I've been a CNA for just over a year and am a 1st semester nursing student so i don't think I know it all, just from my experience it haven't seen it make any difference. If a person is satting low I may switch fingers hands or even have them take some deep breaths. I will be watching to see if there is ANY changes in pulse ox during cuff inflation the weekend for sure though. I just can understand the aide getting annoyed, depending on how you approached her. And you may think you said it nicely but she may have taken it differently. On the pulse ox thing I would have to agree you overreacted. to say you had to bite your cheek and try hard not to throw her out was a bit much. Now if she had not washed her hands or done something wrong after not listening that had hurt your gram then I could definitely see that reaction but a sat of 94 would change nothing.
  8. roni221

    What do you hate about your Nursing School?

    I just started nursing school so there's really not much I "hate" but on our first test it seemed like most of the questions were trying "trick" us. I understand how important critical thinking is but will it really help me to be a better nurse if I can figure out where someone is deliberately trying to trip me up. I actually did well on the test but guess I just resent the approach. Also from what I've heard here and around school every instructor is different so it's almost like you have to read their minds to figure out how to pass a test or a clinical. :icon_roll Other than that I'm pretty happy with school. I love my clinical and instructor and group, they are all seriously amazing. Our teacher wants us to relax and concentrate on the basics of being a good nurse. She really gives us the tools we need to succeed as well as the support. And the group is all nice and focused on school. No slackers but no competitive show-offs. :heartbeat I know by the time I'm done I'm sure I'll be able to write a book about things I hate but for now things are moving along nicely. .....Just remember it will be so worth it, when we're done
  9. roni221

    January/Spring '08 Starters...check in!

    Well wish me luck guys, I start tomorrow, orientation was friday (the 4th). Everyone seems to be starting later in the month, don't know why our whole college starts so early. But I'm excited but wouldn't have minded waiting another week but anyway.... here I go.... :w00t:
  10. roni221

    I hate home health!

    Can you ask for a different patient? I don't think you hate home health, it's just this family isn't working for you. And I definitely don't think this means you won't like being a nurse. Along the way you may find something that tells you that you dont' want to be a nurse but this isn't it. Noone should have to be around smoking which is why slowly all public places are becoming nonsmoking. Working at a hospital you will see more stuff but it can be hard to get on days, at least where I work it is hard to get on days but you never know, you could look into hospitals that are close to you. I don't know alot about home care but I would hope that an agency can say that the home should be uhhhh "conducive to health" I mean you shouldn't have to put your health at risk even though everyone has the right to health care.
  11. roni221

    Pharmocology online? Bad idea?

    I'm starting my first semester Jan. 4th. This semester all of us are taking Pharm. online. It's the first semester the nursing dept. has changed it to this. I've heard it's easy, although I know that's relative, I'm guess it's easy compared to other nursing courses but still takes time and effort. In the past they've had online and in-class course so I'm assuming that the online courses have been pretty successful for the dept to switch over to everyone taking pharm online. So all that to say, I haven't taken it myself but I think from what I've heard it should be ok to do it online as long as you make sure to put the time and effort that's needed. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  12. roni221

    Nurses not responding fast enough-VENT

    Amen! I am a CNA about to start nursing school and I do my BEST to answer my call lights quickly. But it's so frustrating when I get scolded for not coming fast enough when I was trying to help a patient off of the toilet and back into bed. Yes I'll just leave them so they can fall so I can get you some kleenex. On the other hand I hate for patients to have to wait for something urgent like getting to the toilet. Where I work answering call lights primarly falls to the CNAs. Everybody is supposed to help answer and the good nurses do when they can but it's mostly our responsibility. If the patient needs the nurse we usually have to go in there, they tell us and then we tell the nurse. A hospital(or any health care facility) is the last place that should be understaffed. Everybody loses. :trout:
  13. roni221

    January/Spring '08 Starters...check in!

    name: veronica orientation date: january 4 start date: january 7 school attending: joliet junior college degree seeking: adn school history: i'm finishing up my prereqs with finals next week. happy to be completely done with them. personal info: i am married with two kids and 8yo daughter and 4yo son. anything else you want to share: i just recentely started working at a local hospital as a cna. i like it and i'm learning so much. how are you preparing?: i've been getting things done little by little like my physical and stuff. everything should be done by jan. 4th. and i'm just trying to finish up my prereqs strong. i will thoroughly enjoy my break from school.
  14. roni221

    Cna Gone Wild

    Love the dramatic title So just thought I'd put my 2 cents in. I can see how the CNA's job is not to teach you and yes she should be able to take her break, however....I'm a CNA that is new (I've been a cna at a nursing home previously) at a hospital and we (the CNAs) do the enemas. I haven't been able to do one yet but when I do a CNA will be showing me how. So, I guess I don't see why it was such a huge deal for the CNA to show her? Such a big deal that she had to get the supervisor involved. If the instructor didn't have time to show the student to do the enema it would fall to back to the CNA anyway. ....Also I'm not sure if everyone agrees it's ok for CNA's to do enemas, I was a little surprised but that's how it is at my hospital and apparently at this one too. Just my thoughts...
  15. roni221

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hi everyone, I'm Roni. I will be starting nursing school in Jan. '08, just found our Friday (two days ago) that I was accepted. I've been taking my prereqs since June '06 working towards getting into our cc's ADN program which is hard to get into because of sheer numbers of students trying to get in. I've done very well so far but KNOW that nursing school is a whole new ball game. I'm still looking forward to it because I can't imagine a whole lot of things in the world I would rather do than be a nurse. I'm also looking forward to joining the club (or however you prefer to look at) of nursing students because I know no one can understand it like a fellow (or former) nursing student can. I know there will be tears and fears and days when I don't want to do it anymore but that will make the end which I am determined to get to so much sweeter. I know I'll be around this place alot for advice, info and just to know that I'm not alone in the world. Oh yea- personal info - I am married with an 8yo dd and 4yo ds. I am currently not working but will probably work part-time (very part-time) while in school out of neccesity. This seems like quite a load to me but I see others on here that have much more on their plate. My husband is very supportive and I also have friends and family willing to help out so overall I think I'm luckier than alot of people trying to make it through this. Doesn't mean you guys won't need to "talk me down" a few times during this journey.
  16. roni221

    low class

    Hold your head up and take pride in what you do. A CNA is an extremely important job. Unfortunately as others have said that doesn't mean you get great pay. And it's definitely not a glamorous job and you have to do some yucky things. But I always say that somebody has to do it and it might as well be someone who cares. Not to mention, somebody who is competent, as I'm sure you are. I'm starting nursing school in Jan. so I won't be a career CNA but I have loved the time I spent as a CNA and will spend at least another year a a half working as a CNA. I get that same reaction that you do when I tell people I'm a CNA but if they only how important our job is (I've met plenty of people who feel this way too) and how rewarding it is to take care of somebody when they can't take care of themselves. Good luck!:yelclap::yelclap::balloons: