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My rotation is about to end and my classmates want to all chip in to give our instructor a gift - this just seemed really odd to me. Is this normal? The nurses on our unit have been AMAZING and we... Read More

  1. by   AllieRat
    I've only done it for my clinical instructors and its always a group gift. If the individuals want to chip in they are welcome too but I've never gone over $10 mostly its just a basket filled with goodies that are a particular fit to the instructor. For instance just finished my peds rotation and I put together a basket complete with coffee, a mug, and chocolate (our instructor is a choco/coffee nut).. It was a small jesture but it was enough to show our appreciation.. Now I never expect anyone to contribute and I say if they want they are welcome to but its not expected. Course we're talking at the most $1-2 each so that won't break the bank for most students. I try to bring goodies as well for the unit even though they are not always receptive and for the most part have been nasty IMHO to us as nursing students I get more respect at my job as an extern which is really sad.

    Course have to add I only do it for those instructors that embody the type of nurse I'm striving to be! Enough of the damn "real world" already.. I'm so tired of nurses who use that as an excuse to substandard nursing care.
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  2. by   bigschweetie
    It is appropriate to give a nursing instructor a gift. I have given my past nursing instructors gifts as a gesture of appreciation each year I have gone through the program--SMALL gifts, nothing over $10. However, I can also see how it can be interpreted as bribery and a way people can try to "get ahead". However, I believe that nursing instructors who are doing their job right will grade/evaluate you according to your level of performance, not what kind of gift you give them. If you spend money in excess of $50-100 yourself, then it starts looking suspicious. I think the whole purpose of giving gifts to the instructor is to show your appreciation and respect for them, as long as it is done in moderation.
  3. by   mystory
    We gave our clinical instructors a thank you card that we all signed. A gift beyond that should never be the expectation. My Med/Surg II clinical instructor was exceptional so we pitched in and got her a $50 gift card to her favorite restaurant.

    We did always bring food for the nursing staff our last day. Everybody would bring a breakfast item. I wish students still did that.
  4. by   EMTCali
    I just graduated from nursing school. One thing I did not realize is that most jobs want atleast 2 letters of rec from clinical instructors. To say the least some people are really scrambling for letters of rec right now. I would say suck it up and brown nose clinical instructors. A gift is appropriate in certain instances but card is always appropriate. At the end of the semester you should ask for a letter of rec because clinical instructors get busy at the end of the year. Also while your in your clincals network network network! There is alot of competition out there for new grad nursing slots.
  5. by   exit96
    We always do...
  6. by   UpstateNyDollCna
    For our class, we had 2 instructors and another woman who was like a job coach who came in every week and one of my classmates made a plan to buy the 3 of them each a sweater and asked if we would chip in, some did not chip in but others did. On top of that I purchased a thank you card for all of them and signed everyones name.
  7. by   cgravier
    Quote from UpstateNyDollCna
    buy the 3 of them each a sweater .
    to me this is really strange. A sweater? I hate sweaters and would not want one. Thats such a grandma gift. I hope you gave her the reciept. How do you even know the size? Or her sartorial aesthetic? Did it have a big poodle on it?

    Our instructor had her birthday during our clinical so we bought her some flowers and a card, otherwise we would have not got her anything.
  8. by   murphyle
    When I was in nursing school, the gift tradition went both ways. The instructor would buy us lunch or casual dinner on the last day of clinical, and in return we'd get them a thank-you card and a small gift item - a gift card to Starbucks, a cookie basket, etc., not more than $25. (On Med-Surg 1, the instructors actually took us out to the local pub - note that we were second-degree students, we were all well over age . Much fun was had by all.)

    I don't see a problem with the gift-giving tradition, as long as it's small and in good taste. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  9. by   akulahawkRN
    While I haven't begun the "experience" yet, I do have some input... if a gift is going to be given out, it should be a group gift. This avoids any appearance of anyone trying to bribe a grade or letter of recommendation. I don't care what the denomination/amount of the gift is, but it has to be a group deal or no deal.

    Now an individual would be well within their rights to give a thank you card, personally signed, to any instructor/mentor/preceptor that was a positive influence on you. If a thank you card found it's way to me from any of the students I sub taught last year, I'd be very touched. (Not that it would happen, subs aren't usually that inspiring...)