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  1. EMTCali

    Clinical grading

    I found the whole clinical aspect of nursing school to be very subjective. Therefore the more brown nosing you do the higher the grades. Plus you need 2 letters of rec for most new grad programs so give your clinical instructor a thank you card and ask for letter of rec.
  2. EMTCali

    Gloves or not for IV meds?

    From what I have seen If your swabing the port with alcohol your way ahead of the game.
  3. EMTCali

    Summer Jobs

    I would do it at least pt. You will be really bored if you dont.
  4. EMTCali

    Nurse Externship- how to land one

    Another idea is when your at clinical to ask nurse managers about it of your floor or others. It takes some balls but it can pay off big. Plus the hospital already has all your paperwork cause your doing clinical there. So really the manager just has to say yes and find you preceptor. It worked for me did 2 SICU and ED.
  5. EMTCali

    Pre-nursing student = no job?

    Unit secretary. Also constant patient care attendant ( they are the person who sits with the crazy or suicidal pt to make sure they dont do anything funny). AKA sitter.
  6. EMTCali

    Preparation tips for nursing school...

    I just graduated from nursing school. I would say just relax. But if you must study i would start by learning fluid electrolytes and how the body compensates etc. If you want more learn endocrine hormones and diseases
  7. I just graduated from nursing school. One thing I did not realize is that most jobs want atleast 2 letters of rec from clinical instructors. To say the least some people are really scrambling for letters of rec right now. I would say suck it up and brown nose clinical instructors. A gift is appropriate in certain instances but card is always appropriate. At the end of the semester you should ask for a letter of rec because clinical instructors get busy at the end of the year. Also while your in your clincals network network network! There is alot of competition out there for new grad nursing slots.