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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by haynurse2005
    :d well here goes, new kid on the block. i am my first quarter of first year nursing. passing so far. i started doing my pres about two years ago. i have been out of school for 37 years and this was a culture shock for me. am having sooooooooooooo much fun even with the all the studing. hope i have the time to visit often
    "new kid on the block", welcome!
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by grapejuice01
    hello all!

    ive been lurking around here for a while and i decided it was time to introduce myself.

    my name is rachel. im currenetly a junior at the university of north texas and ill be transferring to texas womens university to get my bsn next fall.

    i started out at texas tech majoring in veterinary medicine and after changing my major about 50 times i finally decided on nursing and i really feel as if it fits me.

    im very interested in neonatology, but recently i have also been looking at crna programs. for right now, ill just be happy to graduate so im not looking too far into the future. :chuckle
    rachel, and welcome!
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by jadiebug kids......emt-b....full-time pre-nursing student at a 2 year college..:roll
    we are pleased to have you with us, jade, welcome!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by amanda_student
    hi! i'm 28, one daughter 4yrs old, taking my bsn here in the philippines--reading all your posts...didn't realize that it's so much easier and faster to study nursing here... anyways, i'm in my 2nd sem of my 2nd yr, taking biochemistry, health care 2, and health economics. next yr we start doing community work. i'm hoping to graduate by march 2006. i'm glad i found this site!
    amanda, welcome!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by spazmom
    newbie here...

    i'm corrie, still taking prereqs, applying to every school within a 200 mile radius of portland, or.

    i have a bs in merchandising mgmt that i was lucky enough to receive from oregon state (go beavs!) back in '95. worked in retail management until i had my daughter in august 2001 and never looked back.

    i'm a single mom to a very "spirited" two year old so study time is precious.

    looking forward to being a part of this board!
    corrie, come on in and make yourself at home, welcome!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by kiwi nurse 2 be
    hi all!! i'm a 28 year old wife and mother of 2 children (ages 4 (boy) and 14 months (girl)). i currently hold a bachelor's degree in biology and will be be changing careers soon. i start an adn program in january. good luck to all of you!
    welcome kiwi! all the best to you.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by sagarcia210
    hi everyone!!!
    i have been an lpn for 19 years, and will graduate in june 2004 with my adn/rn. i am a wife, mother of 4 boys, ages 21,18,10,& 8, and 1 girl--age 4. i was working 5 days a week on the subacute and rehab unit at our local hospital, but i recently cut down to 3 days a week. in addition to this i help with the care of my father, who has chronic chf with many acute bouts of it. i also help my diabetic drug and alcohol dependent brother try to keep himself straight. i live in ohio at present, but plan on relocating to georgia after i graduate. i get pretty fed up and tired sometimes, but the only thing i would change would be 2 things: 1) my father would have good health, and 2) june 2004 would already be here.
    god bless everyone who is an allnurse member!!!!
    welcome! you sound like a very special lady, sagarcia. i do wish you and yours the best!
  8. by   RN-BamaStudent
    Thanks for the nice welcome!
  9. by   Fraujacobs
    Hi All !

    What a great site! I am just starting my pre-req's for my RN, hoping to be in the class of 2007. I am currently in Customer Service for a manufacturing plant in North Alabama, which means I am stuck in a cube all day.

    This is my second time in school, 11 years ago I started out for my RN right out of High School. Working as a CNA and going to school at the same time started to take it's toll on me and I thought I'd take a year off.....well more than a decade later I am ready to finish what I'd started! It's the one thing that I always regretted! I know that it's definately what I want and will press on until I get there!

    Thanks for letting me join your circle of friends!
  10. by   dsczephyr
    I became an RN after spending more than ten years (my husband did 20 years in the Navy) trying to become one. While I don't want to discourage anyone, my own experience of becoming an RN quickly went from feeling like I was on top of the world to feeling incredibly disillusioned - and stupid. I handed in my notice after only being a nurse for five months.

    However, I read these posts and remember the excitement I had, the enjoyment of learning actual patient care, the anticipation - and the incredible, once in lifetime thrill of learning that I had indeed passed my boards (on the Fourth of July, no less). And so, I have accepted another position, more structured, with patients that don't have the high acuity level that I had been trying to handle.

    I want to thank everyone who has posted here for helping me to regain that old familiar feeling of actually wanting to be a nurse - and to be proud that I am a Registered Nurse, finally.
  11. by   melessia
    My husband is 39 and we have two children 8 and 4. He is a volunteer with our local fire dept. and an EMT. He has decided to go back to school to become an RN. He has no previous college, so he is starting from scratch. But we're having great difficulty in trying to see how our "ends will meet" if he quits work. I work as well, but not sure if we can survive on my income alone. We live about 35 minutes north of Kansas City, Missouri. I can't seem to find any programs in the area that offer evening classes once you get into the nursing portion. I would like to hear from those that have had to face this difficult decision and possibly some suggestions how we can make this work, because he really, really wants to do it.
  12. by   tlj1cookie
    I'm COOKIE and i'm a prospective nursing student still in the process of trying to get into a program. i'm 22 and i'm looking to become an aneastetists by the time i'm 28. if anyone has any advice feel free to offer some i'm open to everything.

  13. by   perksrn
    HI, my name is Nichole. I am a mother of 2 boys and wife to another
    I graduate (God willing) May 04 and have found this to be the craziest semester yet!

    Best of luck to everyone!