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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   jonquilRN
    Hello everybody! I'm Joanne, 30, married and changing careers to become a nurse. I stumbled upon the website and found it to be tremendously helpful. I'm in my 3rd semester of an ADN Program and looking to enroll into a BSN. But hopefully I'll be done in December 2008.
  2. by   jonquilRN
    Hello AnneS,
    I will be starting my third semester in a couple of weeks, at my school we have 2 lectures a week, which is about an hour and a half and 1 lab which is about the same as lecture. We also have 2 full clinical days which is usually about 6 hours. I spend alot of time studying, I read everyday. I find if you review your days lecture by reading the material in the textboook extremely helpful. Good luck to you!
  3. by   second career nurse
    Hi Everyone,
    It's nice to see some, uh,more mature students out there. I turned 50 this week! I just completed my first semester of a ASN program, after retiring from my teaching job of 25 years.
    For those of you just starting, get a "study buddy" or two. It really helped me to simply discuss the material and to share ways of remembering things. Be prepared to learn the material inside and out because the method of testing uses alot of critical thinking. I see now why there is a nursing shortage. It is tough. I am excited about getting back into classes next week, though.
    Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   armywifern2b
    hello all, i am lana, 31yo mother of 4!! i am in my second semester of nursing after 4 long pre-req semesters! i am going to need lots of encouragement until i am done as my husband, whom is my biggest supporter, is leaving for iraq.
    pray for him!! and pray that i dont lose my mind between books and kids!
  5. by   fredthecat
    'Allo! I'm Stacy, 26, a former newspaper reporter and a future nurse. My expected graduation date is Dec. I joined here looking for a supportive group of nursing students and nurses. Did I find the right place?
  6. by   moosiesmom
    Hi there ! I turned the big 50 this year, so I think I beat out most peeps on this thread !! I wanted to do something for myself. I have 2 sons (19,21) and a wonderful supportive husband. I turned 50 and thought about training for a marathon but I think the bod was saying no. I always took classes here and there but never finished my associates. I took Micro 1 and got a C. YUK !!And I work in a microbiology lab (prepping specimens etc.) and love hospital settings etc. Would love to consider nursing but not sure I can deal with the competitive nature/good enough gpa/intensity of getting into school. I have to work because of my sons college tuition. I have alot of support from my nursing friends at work, although most are younger than me (not by much). They laugh when I mention my age as a barrier. Oh well, just a hi and thanks for this site. It truly is a godsend for anyone in this profession or planning for it. Armywife..your husband is in my prayers. And so are you. Happy new year to everyone ! Peace............
  7. by   ltljo32
    Im Jo, 22. I start my program in just two days. Ive always known I was going to work in the medical field and have prepared myself for a long time. Im currently a medical assistant and I go to school. Yea, that's been the routine since I graduated from hs. All the restless nights and constant stress appear to have a result- I'm in!... Finally (on my second attempt). But wait, doesn't this mean there's gonna be a hell of a lot more of the restless nights and stress? More?....Well, it'll pay off right?
  8. by   ChristinaLMT
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Christina & also, a lil' nursling student. I'm starting my 2nd semester tomorrow...Maternity & Med exciting!! It's so wonderful to be apart of such a large & caring organization. Nursing indeed is an incredible field & anyone in it are truly angels for the selfless acts of kindless & love they give. Currently I am a massage therapist, 6 yrs, and love what I do. However, I am ready to help others in a nursing kind of way. So good luck to all of us nursing students!!! Congratulations for making it into the program...Happy & Healthy New Year to All!!
  9. by   harrella
    Hey all!

    My name is Angie and I am a mother of two (3 y.o, 4y.o). I start an accelerated BSN next week. I look forward to the challenge and being on my way to becoming a nurse.
  10. by   NC Living
    I, like many of you, will be starting my ADN program tomorrow. I am having to redo the 2nd semester and have changed schools. I am nervous and excited all at the same time.
    Is there anyone out there that has had to redo a semester? Did it help and were your grades better the second time around?
  11. by   Echo826
    hi everyone! i'm anne from michigan. i'm 31 years old and have 2 little boys, ages 7 & 4, and a husband of 10 years. i am starting the nursing program on january 10. i'm somewhat nervous, but excited at the same time. my tentative graduation date is december 2009.
  12. by   Ldysalsa
    Hi everyone
    Good luck to us all.......I will begin ADN program in the fall/08...many have told me that I better kiss the kids goodby!!
  13. by   Abishag

    I'm a newbie...looking for advice and tips so I won't look so "newbyish" when I start school in Summer 08 (May). Want to know what I should and shouldn't do!

    I will be doing a 5 semester RN program. Interested BIG time in L&D mainly because of the experiences I had with both my children. But I'm also interested in other fields (mainly ICU's). So I guess we'll see after its all said and done.

    Anyhow, I love the idea of being a Nurse and have no problem with blood and guts and gore...I do have issues with loss of children and the emotional aspect of dealing with families and their losses. Needless to say I'm a bit scared! :uhoh21: