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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   dave5000
    Quote from love2benurse80
    hey everyone ok heres my thing, iam not a nurse just yet, but it is something i truly want to do. since a young age, i have always been just fascinated when doctors and nurses help the sick, but i also knew about death at a young age as well. the adn program at the community college here in rochester ny has a waiting list, so i dont know what else to do.
    i had heard that some experience is beneficial and preferred, so iam looking into becoming a lpn in the mean time, and then going on to bsn. i cannot express the excitment i feel just thinking about nursing, and helping the sick, the happy, and people in general.
    a little about myself, iam 27, and i have been married to a wonderful and supportive man for two years now, we have to beautiful boys together. i had majored in accounting for a year, but found myself very bored, but i held a 3.6 gpa.
    iam so driven and independent from a young age, and know what i want in life. when i applied for nursing years ago, the course was full, and i just couldnt go anyways bc of daycare and transportation. now i can go pt for the lpn bc that is two days a week and on sat. that works better for me but heres the kicker, i do want to become a rn one prefer to go right into the rn..but i also know i dont have experience in health care besides volunteering as kid in girl scouts, in a nursing home. i can tell u this, i knew back then i wanted to help others...whether it be rejoicing, or with their family in pain...i want to be a support system for another. so nursing is right for me, i feel compassion for it in my heart, and the will runs through my soul nice to meet you all!!!!
    i posted just below you 50% of my class want to be rn's but the wait is so long so they have discovered that they can get in rn program faster as a lvn so thats the route their going
  2. by   skinnedknees
    i'm finishing up my first quarter of 7 in an rn program at a community college. i have a previous degree (ba) and am really wanting to go for my master's through a "ba (in another feild) to master's program " asap (i'm old : ) i have 3 kids, 13, 8 and 4 and i'm almost 45.
    i am loving school and can't wait to get to work! i wish i would have figured out this was what i wanted to do 25 years ago
    actually, i'm studying for my final in nursing theory...and need to get back to work. i hope to spend more time checking this site out over winter break. i just found it when i googled for pharm. math help.
  3. by   BeeSN
    Hi! I just finished up my first semester of a four semester program. (Hopefully, depending on my Patho grade!) I'm 19, mother of none, engaged. I'm from a small town, and I'm the youngest in my class. (Most of them are 20, 21, 22--some of them are second degreers, and we have a few older ones.) I am so excited to start Pysch and Pharm next semester. More clinicals! Those were the best days, although I was more tired than I've ever been in my entire life.
  4. by   sziq1
    good luck with your second semester! I am sure you did fine in your patho class! I felt the same way, i was too scared to ask my teacher for my patho grade because i was afraid it was a D (D is failing). when i finally looked at my grade i had a B!
    anyway have a good xmas vacation and get ready for psych!
  5. by   jayde_RN
    hello all! my name is jayda and i am a student nurse in a two year rn program and a young mother of 2 little boys under the age of 2. i started in january 07 and will graduate in december 08 (half way there baby!!!). hopefully after my finals next week, i'll be able to call myself a third semester student!!!
    i'll have to admit, during first semester i barely cracked a book. but this semester, i've put more into and got a lot more back out of it, and my grades show that!
  6. by   Emmie620
    Hey name is Emmie. I am very new to this site...and I feel as though I don't know what to say yet I do know what I want to know.
    This is what I have to say for now though....hello to everyone!!!! I just recently completed the LPN program and passed the NCLEX PN exam. I have no children and I have already enrolled with excellsior via CN to complete my RN-ADN degree. I am having a hard time picking up my book to study and when I do study it is taking me a long time to finish....any pointers? any website to help me study for my exams before I take the phase II classes exams will be very helpfull.
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  7. by   sandybell
    hi my name is fran

    I am a 28 year old first year nursing student from England. I am very new to this site and found it very useful.

    I have a partner and two children a boy of 5 and a girl 4

    I have just started my three year course so long way to go. Start practice in january very neverous.

    Congrats to everyone who has graduated and good luck to all those who are still studying.
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  8. by   DorothyAnn0403
    Hi. My name is Dorothy. I'm 19. Live with my partner of almost 3 years. And am as happy as can be.
    I'll be starting my LPN Program in the beginning of January.
    Lasts 12 months, and i couldn't stand to wait for another RN program to open up without a waitlist for another year!
    I figure i might as well get into it like this and go for my RN later.
    Hopefully this site will help me get through the trials of Nursing school. I'm so excited to start, i can't wait!
    Thank you everyone in advance for all of your help.
  9. by   muxia
    hi, I'm karen just hit 40 married, no children, however my 2 newfoundland puppies keep me busy. I'm will be starting my first semester in nursing and i'm scared to death. I'm been a C student and heard it's really tough. I'll have to work really hard and say some prayers.
  10. by   muxia
    Dorothy, New Jersey is no different for the wait. you need to take a entrance exam at my college and then if you pass your lucky if you get in. I went to orientation and they scared the *&^%^ out of you.. about you don't pass this you get kicked out if you don't pass that you get kicked out the whole time i was there all's i heard was you get kicked out.. how discouraging... : ( however i will prove them wrong!!! (i hope).. : )
  11. by   kellyjean1926
    hi everyone,

    I am in school for my lpn only 7 more months to go. am 39 with 2 children at home and one all grown up . if anyone has any tips or tricks for studing would love to know them, there is so much to learn, yet, remeber so quickly too. hope to here back
  12. by   judes09
    hi everyone!
    my name is judy, and after going to uiuc for 2 years, i decided that i wanted to go into nursing. however, i realized it's another admission process all over again for getting a bsn, so i'm going for my asn, and then later on complete my bsn (when the hospital pays for it!) :spin: so i start my asn program in the fall, but i'm taking my science classes and getting them out of the way, plus in the spring i'll be taking a cna class, so i'm excited for this upcoming semester.

    so that's me! thanks for reading!

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    Hello everyone, this is I am a male LPN. It has been a while since I have been on the site. I have been struggling through the bridge program (LPN to ADN) with SWIC in Belleville,Il. I will be starting my last semester in January and if all goes well I will be graduating in May 2008. Thanks to those that have given me good advice in the past and I am sure that I will be "bugging" you again this upcoming semester.