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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   SnackCake
    Totally going to use you as a source of inspiration throughout this journey/adventure! Thanks so much for responding!!!
  2. by   Jules44
    Hi - My name is Julie. I am 44 yrs old (oldest in my class) and in 2nd semester of the ADN program (Med Surg). I am a single mom of 4 children (ages 11 - 18) and also taking Micro this semester. I love this website. It's been a lifesaver!
  3. by   batwood73
    Hello to all. My name is Brandie, and I'm 32. I have been happily married to my highschool sweetheart for 11 years, and we have three wonderful children. I just started my second semester (of three) LPN school. I loved your post genhen...sounds JUST LIKE ME!! I love the fact that you can be a part of someone's healing process...not only physically, but emotionally. I plan to enter an accelerated RN class next January, but if I think of that...I will lose my mind. I take every class, every clinical one at a time. I just finished my first week of med rotation...loved it!! I have a little background in pharmacy as a tech, so that has helped me tremendously. I drive over an hour to get to school everyday...on the days we have clinicals...I leave my house at 4:45 in the morning...that takes dedication. I am dedicated to being the best nurse I can. Best of luck to all!
  4. by   Melissa4nursing
    Hey, Melissa 31: Wife and Mom of two wonderful ADHD boys 11 and 7. I am still a student with 6 quarters left to go and still loving it! I am from Southern Ohio and in a ADN program, Good Luck to ALL!
  5. by   skyblue77
    Hi, I'm Venus. I'm a single mother of 1 daughter in Baltimore, Md. I love school and studying (yes, I'm a nerd) so if anyone needs any help I'm here. I start A&P I and my math course on 1/30 and I'm so freaking excited!!
  6. by   fnlyRNstudent05
    Hi! I'm sure I have posted before on this thread but here we go again....
    I am Stephanie, 27year old from MD. I'm married with 2 kids and getting ready to begin my second semester of my first year. We don't have classes over the summer so I am wondering what the heck I will do with 2 months off when the winter break is killing me!:uhoh21:
  7. by   Destinee
    hi all anyone know any schools like excelsior college
  8. by   ibella
    I would like to introduce myself finally, (I've been lurking for a while). I wasn't sure if I should post here, since I'm not (yet) in nursing school. There lies my indecision. I have been thinking about nursing for soooo long and I'm too afraid to take the first step. See I do have a good job that I like (but not love) - I work as a pharmacy tech at a hospital. That's where the idea of nursing came from- I see great nurses at their best everyday, and I want to become one of them. I want to have closer contact with patients. I want to be able to learn throughout my life.
    BUT............I am so afraid...what if I can't do it??? What if I harm somebody???? What if I can't survive financially??? That's why I love this site....You guys all have had your own challenges and somehow overcame them. I guess when you really believe in something.....
    I would like to hear from you guys- have you always known 100%??? Were you afraid that you're making a mistake( especially when you put so much on the line, by asking your family to sacrifice soo much for your dream...)
    There, I feel better.....
    Sorry for the long post, but I guess nobody could understand better that you guys.
  9. by   pcelest2003
    31 years of age 1 son and wife, pre nursing student chicago IL
  10. by   antihippie
    Hi, I'm Christian a 35y.o. male, married with one daughter. I am in my 2nd semester of RN school doing my OB/Med Surg rotation at the moment. I got interested in nursing after I put my wife through nursing school and found out she was making twice as much as I was straight out of school and actually loved going to work. Hope school stays as fun as it is now 'cause I'm having a blast.
  11. by   jmeNSinTn
    Hello my name is Jamie.

    I am in a 4 semester RN program. To receive my associates in Nursing.

    I just started semester 2. I am excited to have made it past the first semester and a bit overwhelmed going into the second one. :uhoh21:
  12. by   buttrfleye
    Hey everyone! I am 30 yr old single mom of a 10 yr old boy. I just started my first semester of nursing school on Jan 9. I live in Orlando, FL and I am going to one of the local community colleges. I had to wait almost 4 years to actually get into the program because of all the prerequisites. Plus it didn't help the fact that I was only going half-time because of my job. I am currently not working so I can concentrate on school. Right now, my thought is "what have I gotten myself into," because this course is getting very difficult. There is sooo much information being learned and at such a fast pace, too. I keep trying to think positive, though, and I keep telling myself I will get through it, but wow! This is going to be some road trip.
  13. by   beauty nurse
    Hi ,I'am Sara ,single ,20years ,3 semester student nurse.
    In Saudi Arabia.