Importance of graduating with honor in college

  1. Well I'm graduating on May with a Magna Cum Laude from my BSN. Everyone in my family is throwing parties and celebrating, But the truth is that I don't really know what that mean or how it will help me on my nursing career.
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  3. by   i♥words
    It is a big deal, because it means you graduate with a high GPA. If you don't care, though, don't worry about it!
  4. by   mmcnabb3
    it matters if you want to get into a masters program or be a PA/NP down the road. To be an anesthesiologist you need extra extra schooling but they look at your GPA from your BSN among other things so it may not matter to you now, but later you will be very thankful you did as well as you did.

    Nursing school is hard, be thankful and proud of this accomplishment!
  5. by   franko2188
    Thanks so much for your answer and yes I'm trying to go for PN on my future so hopefully It will help me when I go for my masters
  6. by   Jill2Shay
    Do you mean anesthetist?
  7. by   franko2188
    Nurse practicioner
  8. by   ImKosher
    I throughout having a perfect GPA. But I'm going to try t keep it above 3.0 while in ADN. I will focus on a perfect GPA during my bachelor's. one step at a time.
  9. by   mmcnabb3
    Quote from Jill2Shay
    Do you mean anesthetist?
    ah yes. I can never pronounce it right and now apparently cannot spell it right either haha. but yes an anesthetist.
  10. by   LadyFree28
    Eh, know someone who had a 3.7, I had a 2.8...took the same amount if time to find a job-8 months. Same program. Yet, we had "life experience"...we are from a adult-geared program. Just sayin'...But If we were on our way to graduate school, I will have to just bust my butt on the GREs, while she may have the freedom to not take the GREs...

    I find soo many people who are on the upper tier of graduates that are still struggling to find a job, just as the "averages". If your rsum doesn't catch a recruiter's eye, It'll end up on the discard pile...honors or not, just my experience and my 2 cents....and my experience with co-workers that I had to precept and counsel when they "ended up" at my job, because they couldn't get into the top area hospitals like they thought they would because of their top grades. A lot of those nurses really took it personally.

    Just let your rsum shine...and congrats!!! Next step is passing that NCLEX and getting started in your nursing career. Good Luck!!!
  11. by   JBudd
    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Magna Cum Laude is an enormous accomplishment in a BSN program. Your family is right to be thrilled for you.

    Yes it will help in getting into any Masters program.

    As far as the job hunt, letters from clinical instructors help a lot too, to prove you can do what you studied.

    What it means, is that you did a wonderful job in school and are being recognized for excellent scholarship. Again, congrats! (from one who most certainly did not make those grades but has a great career anyway )
  12. by   nekozuki
    It may not help you in terms of employment, but it is definitely a boon when it comes to post-grad education. Also, it's an awesome personal achievement. You didn't just complete a difficult program, you excelled in it! Congratulations!