I'm utterly exhausted

  1. Hi folks!! Just need some advice. I sure hope you can help me. Now that mom's finally home and home care is coming outto the house I am utterly exhausted,but I can't fall asleep to save my life!! I swear if it's not one thing it's another SO PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE RELAXATION TIPS THAT YOU CAN THINK OFF AND REMEMBER NO SUGGESTION IS SILLY I'LL TRY ANYTHING FOR 8 HOURS IN THE LAND OF NOD. ONtop of everything else, my mom has to go to a Dr.s appt tomorrow and I have to orient for my new job tomorrow as well :zzzzz PLEASE HELP ME RELAX!!!!!!!! THANKS!!! LOVE YOU ALL:kiss wARRIOR WOMAN
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  3. by   elusive
    If you have any brothers or sisters maybe they can watch your mother for a weekend give you a bit of time to relax. As for destressing techniques...I'm not really the best person to give you an idea on that (IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO DESTRESS LET ME KNOW!).. shopping always works for me, well momentarily anyways until I realize how much of a starving student i am. For sleeping I personally need a really dark room, sometimes i tape my blinds to the window frame (I have one of those black out blinds). Try to make your life simpler. Do little things for yourself. Take bubble baths.

    Best wishes!
  4. by   NurseAngie
    I take long bubble baths too!!!! It works and sometimes I enjoy a nice glass of wine and I sleep so well afterward! (Funny, but mornings it's a short shower and Mt. Dew to get me going then it's a long bath and wine to get me to relax.)

    Oh yeah, I also like doing those word puzzles

    :kiss Angie
  5. by   jennyej
    Try listening to some nice soothing music. I have a CD of rain that always puts me to sleep.
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    reading a passage of scripture helps.
  7. by   Genista
    You said any suggestions would be helpful, so here's what works for me:
    I read some nice relaxing book before bed (20-30 min). I have a "sound machine" that makes different sounds like ocean waves, rainforest, thunderstorm, crickets chirping on a summer night (I like the crickets best). If trying to relax, but it isn't bedtime, I try relaxing music (classical works for me), watering the plants in my yard after work, or writing a letter to a friend. Sometimes taking a short walk (30 min) in the evening helps clear the cobwebs. Bubble bathes or hot shower can work wonders, too. Sweet dreams!Good luck on the orientation!
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  8. by   StudentSandra
    Tylenal PM LOL, better living (and sleeping) thru drugs.
  9. by   babynursewannab
    I've found a good sound whack to the head with a blunt object can help in times of desperation.

    Seriously, though, practice deep breathing throughout the day. And, um, I got this from a dr. a while ago when I had the same problem.... You know that neat thing that happens when we are um....coaxed....enough in the uh bedroom? That can induce sleep in many, many people. Especially....um....alone. Desperate times, desperate measures. Not that everyone would think that's desperate...

    Ok returning to the PG level of the board....
    I have, unfortanately, learned that thinking about getting up and going to work knocks me out like magic!

    Good luck!