I'm not so sure anymore...

  1. Hi everyone... I am feeling kind of low and not sure I am meant to be in nursing anymore. We had our second day of clinicals at a nursing home yesterday, and while I felt like I could talk to my client fine, I wasn't at all good at getting the procedural things done that I need to have done by the end of next week's clinical day. I had to ask for another girl's help to help my patient get out of bed because he was so big, then we ended up having to call our instructor because the two of us couldn't do it either. I am pretty small, but my instructor is a little lady too and so is the other girl and the two of them moved him fine. It just didn't go well, I felt like I was good at visiting with a person but not helping them out nursing wise. None of the other girls in my class seem to be having that problem- they have taught us all the procedures and seem to think we should be ok on them and the other girls seem to have no trouble getting done what they need to and being friendly with the patients at the same time. Am I just being a perfectionist, should I keep sticking it out? I've kind of been feeling this for a while and this just brought it to a head yesterday. Any advice?? Please?
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  3. by   BranRN
    Just wanted to let you know that I too felt the same way you do during my first semester of clinicals. I was so overwhelmed by everything new (my first clinicals was on a med/surg floor). You just have to stick with it. If you feel too uncomfortable you should let your instructor know, so that she may work with you. She is there to guide you and help you learn. As time passes you will feel more comfortable and it will come naturally....hope this helps. Good luck! Brandi
  4. by   TeresaRN2b
    Originally posted by Rayrae
    None of the other girls in my class seem to be having that problem- they have taught us all the procedures and seem to think we should be ok on them and the other girls seem to have no trouble getting done what they need to and being friendly with the patients at the same time.
    Do not believe for a second that the other students are not as nervous as you are. Some are just better at being or acting confident. This is your second day of clinicals! Please! You cannot expect to be perfect and don't expect that of yourself. It takes time. This is my second attempt at nursing school so here is the best advice I can give you. ACT CONFIDENT! Even if you don't feel confident act like you are - as they say fake it till you make it. Your instructor will not care so much that you don't have everything perfect right now, but she and your patients will pick up on lack of confidence. I have also worked as a medical assistant so I will give you an example. The first time I was to draw blood I about threw up my stomach was so nervous, but I did not let on to the patient that this was the very first time for me drawing blood. I walked in there trying my darndest to put on a happy face and pretend like I had done it 1000 times. This took a lot of pressure off of me when I didn't get it the first stick. The patient just assumed as most patients would that it must have been a bad vein or he was a hard draw. The second stick I got him. Now had I gone in there acting insecure like I didn't know what I was doing I am not so sure that the patient would have felt confident me sticking him again. Anyhow, I am rambling a bit here, but my point is go in there with your head high and don't doubt yourself for a minute. Don't let what you perceive the other students to be doing better than you throw you off. Trust me they will have their bad days too. Hang in there and you will do just fine!
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    What type of procedural things do you have to do while you're there? What do you feel is the reason you can't get them accomplished? It takes some time and experience to get into a routine and manage your time. And everyone in the beginning of school is slow in performing tasks. It could be that others feel exactly the same way you do but just don't speak up. Ask your instructor, or another student that is doing well, if they can help give you some ideas to manage your time and finish your tasks. Don't give up if you feel something isn't working, try another way. It was only your second day of clinical, give it some time.
  6. by   perfectbluebuildings
    y'all are right... I am often a perfectionist with an inferiority thing going on at the same time. And that acting confident thing is an awesome idea, good luck to you Teresa, it definitely sounds like you have the determination to make it through! I have just been reconsidering even other than the clinical experience whether nursing is really what I want to do, b/c sometimes I am too sensitive and selfish which are NOT good qualities for a nurse. But I am going to stick it out this semester anyhow and see how the whole rotation goes and then if I want to re-think my major and my life direction do it then.
    (wow, you all didn't ask for a detailed summary of my life and future and emotional self, huh? well you got it anyhow )
  7. by   SingingNurse2
    Rayrae, I think sensitivity is very important for being a nurse. I sure don't want someone unfeeling taking care of me. The important thing is learning to deal with it in a strong manner and not have see through skin. As to the selfish part, if you were truly selfish you wouldn't be here showing a caring and concerned attitude. Don't sell yourself short and especially don't quit because you're scared - all first semester nursing students are scared whether they want to admit it or not about something. Go out there and do it!
  8. by   perfectbluebuildings
    thanks singing nurse! hey i like your verse about the mustard seed... it tells me something I forget too often!!
  9. by   Angelica
    I think you are too hard on yourself. Sometimes I can be sensitive and selfish, too. Nobody is perfect. I also thought about leaving the nursing program. I was in my second semester and felt I could not do anything right. I am in fourth semester now, and am glad that I stuck it out. I feel more confident now, but I still occasionally think that everyone is doing better than me. IV starts, for instance--I have about a 50% success rate (maybe less). Nursing isn't for everyone, but I do hope that you give yourself and nursing a chance!
  10. by   perfectbluebuildings
    thanks angelica!
    and all of you, for support and advice- this is a great place!
  11. by   Katnip
    Just keep plugging away. Nobody walks into their first few days of clinicals knowing what they're supposed to do. I have classmates who were CNAs and EMTs and their first clinical days they felt just as lost as everyone else. It is an entirely different setting and set of responsibilities.
  12. by   emily_mom
    First off, it is unsafe to try to lift someone alone or even with two people if they are large. You were right to ask for help! Save your back!

    Second, this is like any job you've ever started. Did you feel confident in your abilities? Things will come over time. Don't expect too much of yourself. Your instructor will give you a heads up on how you're doing. If you have questions, talk to her. Don't compare yourself to other students. If they are CNAs already, they WILL be quicker than you. Don't let it get you down.

  13. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Hey, Rayrae...
    I just want to encourage you to keep going. Way back when I started nursing school I dropped out because I was intimidated by the procedures that I needed to do in the clinicals. I was 18 and very naive... and my first job was personal care of an 80 year old man... fully developed! He loved the showers! Anyway, I soon felt that I wasn't cut out for nursing and accepted a marriage proposal.
    I have spent the past years happily married and the mother of 3, but always disappointed that I didn't fulfill my goal of nursing. I am now back to it and really looking forward to clinicals. My life experiences at this point will really help... but so will the knowledge that they will be rotations and I will rotate through all of them. By the time I graduate, I will know where I am to be as a nurse.
    If you are not strong enough for older, heavy men then just hang in there... maybe you are meant to be a peds nurse!
  14. by   Jennerizer
    We just started our clinicals in the nursing home yesterday & it was a mixture of feelings. Talk to your classmates about how you're feeling.....believe me, they are feeling the same way. Some you can tell just by the expression on their face, others will admit it if you talk about it first....I think it helps to talk about it rather than keeping it all in.

    Our instructor told us at the end of the day not to be discouraged because of our experience yesterday. That a nursing home setting is much different than a hospital setting---so don't start making judgments about whether we are capable of being a nurse based on our experience at the nursing home. I think the reason they start us out there is because most of the clients are very receptive to having the attention & they aren't critical or even able to notice if we aren't doing things completely right. It's practice......just keep at it & hopefully soon things will start clicking. I couldn't take my client's vitals because he was wearing this big heavy coat & refused to take it off. I know next week I will get another client & more than likely, they will be more receptive to allowing their vital signs to be checked. Each client is different....so don't base your ability on one experience. You're doing fine.