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I have anxiety issues and am extremely hard on myself, so a stressful job like this will only add fuel to the fire. I hate reading all of the negative threads on this forum. It depresses me. I don' t... Read More

  1. by   lisabeth
    I understand exactly what you are feeling. It was that way for me last year, only it was the grades for me. Clinicals were awesome. I had to drop because I knew I was going to fail. I came back this year feeling like it would help out with the test taking, and it sure enough did. The problem is, I am having some health problems, and therefore, I didnt feel like I would do so great with clinicals...giving meds, etc. There is no room for mistakes. I just dropped Monday, the only thing is, I dont have a first career, so I am kind of wondering...what next???
    Good luck to you. I know one way or another, things will work out, so I am not going to worry about it.
  2. by   MassED
    nursing school sucks - no doubt about it. Working as a nurse and being much more independent is not all bad all of the time. Often times there are great moments where you can feel great about yourself. Passing meds isn't fun, but it becomes more tolerable. Maybe you can go to a speciality (like ER, of course I have to plug my location!) where it's more invigorating than the floor (for me). Get through nursing school and try out a job, see if you like it before moving back to your old job. What did you do in your former job, anyway? If it was something great like an actress, musician... I'd say chuck nursing, but that's just me!

    Don't get too down about reading the negativity within these posts... there are many burned out nurses out there, but then there are also some fantastic nurses. You just have to ignore those that will pull you down. Good luck!
  3. by   MassED
    If I didn't enjoy nursing school, especially clinicals, I would QUIT.[/QUOTE]

    NO, that's not valid advice. You're likely done with school or dropped out a while back, seeing this post is a bit old.

    The real world of nursing begins the moment you're out of nursing school. Hang in there.
  4. by   MassED
    Quote from thekingandhislady
    Here goes, WHAT THE HELL? I find it very hard to understand how anyone could simply quit something that they have put this kind of time into. For me, I've asked my entire family to put their lives on hold, in a manner of speaking, to give me time to get this done. I have been wonderfully blessed with an opportunity to seek out a career at the ripe old age of 30. No matter how old you are when you start this road, the ability to start it is a blessing in itself. To throw it all away would be equivalent to spitting in the face of those who have helped you get this far. Harsh? Probably.

    This job is hard. Don't doubt that for a minute. But touching other peoples lives in this most intimate way is an absolute honor. And for me, I will sweat blood before I quit. Take what you want out of this message or throw it away. It's human nature to "put your hand to the plow and look back" but YOU control where your thoughts go and if you entertain the thought of quitting, you surely will quit.
    More than half of my class quit their nursing school journey when it was 4 months shy of it being over... many people quit after investing time, money, and energy. Who knows why, but just because you feel it's hard to understand quitting doesn't mean people don't have their reasons for doing such. That's a judgmental statement and implying that they're less than you or anyone else who succeeds at nursing - it's a choice, maybe they desire to do something else....
  5. by   ADPIE10
    Quote from rainbowbright2
    I have anxiety issues and am extremely hard on myself, so a stressful job like this will only add fuel to the fire. I hate reading all of the negative threads on this forum. It depresses me. I don' t want to go to work with a bundle of nerves everyday feeling incompetent every day. I'm not enjoying clinicals. I hate giving meds, figuring out the doses, and blanking out due to nerves. I'm not dumb and am top of my class, but the stress makes me doubt myself and blank out under pressure. I am stressed about school, so how will I be at work? I feel as though depression is caving in. This is a second career for me and I'm thinking about going back to my old one.

    With what all of you said about hating your jobs and feeling completely overwhelmed and sick going to work, I cannot live like that. I am in my 30s and do not need that in my life. Should I go back to my former career? I don't think I'll like nursing, and this board is a big part of it.

    Please tell me in reality if you think nursing just plain sucks. Be honest.
    It sounds as if you are very critical of yourself and would like to learn better coping strategies. I have an extremely high tolerance for stress, but physiologically react by sweaty palms. It's a small price to pay, but makes it difficult to put on nitrile gloves. :chuckle

    This forum probably attracts more people that need help than those that can provide help. The people that are enjoying their careers are probably too busy to come to this forum because they are practicing their profession and enjoying a balance of life with their families. When I asked the Nurses in E.R. if they were familiar with this forum, they communicated surprise. The topic of their discussions are rarely of how bad things are. Aside from helping patients, the majority of their conversations revolve around buying a house, vacation, furniture, or specials at a local spa.

    Nursing school isn't the best place to determine if you will enjoy nursing. As a fly on the wall, I've noticed that nurses have less of a problem with the patients and more problems with themselves, other nurses, doctors, and Administration. Although some would like to think that this is exclusive of the nursing profession or clinical environment, it has been my experience that humans have a tremendous capacity for complaining and feeling unempowered.

    You should decide to stay in or get out based upon your opinion, perspective and experiences. There are a heck of a lot of nurses out there. This forum doesn't reflect everyone's opinion, only those that have too much time on their hands or need to vent. (Myself included )

    Good Luck.
  6. by   LauraTheNurse
    It could be your nerves talking. If thats the way you really feel remember it is ok. Not everyone loves nursing. Thank G-d there are masters and phd programs now, you have a lot of options.
  7. by   LauraTheNurse
    Just get your few yrs experience and time flies, it will over before you know it. You might even like it, who knows.
  8. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from ADPIE10
    There are a heck of a lot of nurses out there. This forum doesn't reflect everyone's opinion, only those that have too much time on their hands or need to vent. (Myself included )
    There's not only venting/negative posts on here. However, when people have a negative view on things, then they seem to seek out the negative (be it venting threads, negative views on nursing, etc). If everything around you is negative, then it's time to take a look within.

    There are many great threads that tell of success stories and all kinds of positive nursing experiences.

    To the OP: You remind me of myself when I was in nursing school. I had a hard time with the stress. I didn't like it, I thought I was making a big mistake, and I didn't know what I was going to do. But I stuck with it. I'm not going to say it was easy, it definitely wasn't. Going through school and even that first year in nursing ..... it was HARD. But if you can stick with it, the reward can be great. The reward for me was that I can honestly say "I love my job". And I don't say that to sound corny, I say it because it's true ...... I really love what I do and I feel blessed to be doing it.
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  10. by   LauraTheNurse
    If you LOVE your job as a nurse you are very lucky!bow:
  11. by   AOx1
    As with all things in life, there are fantastic rewards, as well as sacrifices. There will always be people who take a negative attitude, some because they are under the extreme stress of nursing school and are just venting, and some that are just unhappy people that look for the worst in any situation. I was unhappy all through nursing school due to the cruelty of many instructors to other students. I love being a nurse, and am now a nurse educator. You owe it to yourself to think on what you want, and if nursing will offer that. Don't base your decision on anyone else's views on nursing. You are to one who will go to work everyday. I can also feel the extreme amount of stress in your post. I hope you will seek out or already have an objective party you can talk to about this. Having a very anxious mindset is not conducive to making a decision this large. Remember, there are many different types of nursing, not just bedside nursing. I am still in touch with those I graduated with. All are now happy, although most of them switched jobs a few times to find the perfect fit for them.
  12. by   shawdo22
    I am in your same age group, hated nursing in my third year.. but don't give up when you have come this far in your education. It does get better. Have you considered something like public health? It is a fantastic type of nursing that does not have the same type of pressure that you are anxious about... it is worth investigating. It is on the health promotion and disease prevention side of things.
    Don't give up yet. We lost a lot of students in our third year, but I encourage you to stick it out. Even if you don't ever use your nursing degree as an RN, you can still use it towards many other careers.
    Best wishes,
  13. by   NatashaFromOregon
    Quote from Achoo!
    Remember that there are many avenues you can go to with a nursing degree. You do not have to work in a fast paced area. You can do home health one on one, work for insurance companies, triage over the phone, etc. You don't have to work in the same capacity that you do in clinicals.

    True, BUT in order to get those jobs, you usually have to put in several years doing (med/surg) bedside nursing. At least that is how it is in my area. Hospital staff nurse positions seem to be the ONLY positions open to new grads.

    Personally, I'm very disappointed and am very seriously considering applying to the Physical Therapist Assistant program instead. When I first wanted to be a nurse, I specifically wanted clinic work, as I have young children and family responsibilities. But, that doesn't seem feasible because of the hiring practices in my community.