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I will be starting school in the fall & want to plan ahead, so what do you wish you had studied a little more before you started Nursing 101? I am an older student, out of school for a while & have... Read More

  1. by   brtholomew
    If you are going for an associates degree in nursing, then you will need to take other courses besides nursing courses (A&P, microbiology, etc.). If you have not taken those yet, I would suggest you complete all of them first before even starting nursing classes. I know that the people in my nursing 101 who are having to take other classes struggle quite a bit with all of the work.
  2. by   Rylee2008
    In my school in Wisconsin we can use a calculator. For our dose calc. tests we have to have 95% or higher so that is only one wrong. They prepare us pretty well. We have a review and sample tests before we take it. You get 3 times to try to pass and then your out. No one in my class has been kicked out of the program because of the test. A lot had to take it twice, mostly because they didn't label the answer right.
  3. by   cndls
    I am currently in NSG 101 and we used Nursing Math Simplied-"Math Magic" 4th Edition by Susan Garner Moore, R.N., B.S. Ed. It is under a 100 pages and the answers are in the back of the book so you can check them. I am also older than most of the people in our class and I was never good in math either, but found the math part to be kind of easy. Once you memorize how to set up the problems and the equivalents you will be okay. This book was required for our class, it may not be for you though. If not, it was very helpful for me and may be a good idea to buy one just to have.

    Also, it is really important to review test questions because, they are unlike any you have ever had before. We were told that you can know the material front to back and still not do well on the test. You need to have good test taking skills. Because most of the questions, all of the choices could be correct, normally you can narrow it down to two, but there is only one correct answer. Always remember assessment first, client's safety, and know Maslow's Hierarchy scale. Read each question thoroughly before answering. Be aware of key words. Another thing to practice doing is concept maps according to Nursing Dx.

    I hope this information helps. I wish I would have done a little more research before my first day of class to prepare me. If you need anymore help just let me know.
  4. by   fromtheseaRN
    Quote from cndls
    I hope this information helps. I wish I would have done a little more research before my first day of class to prepare me. If you need anymore help just let me know.
    yes! can you be specific about what you had wished you'd reearched before your first day?

  5. by   leadesign
    I really appreciated a textbook called 'Basic Drug Calculations" by Meta Brown and Joyce Mulholland
    It looks like Amazon has some starting @ $.30
  6. by   suehernando
    I would brush up on Math, medication math, also more complex equations as in algrebra. I would also do a human biology or a pre a and p, mircobiology is really advanced I wouldn't take that until you are through a&p. I would take a computer class just to brush up on some computer skills, could help you later on when researching. Also a human growth or psychology class to further you knowledge in how people work. Hope that it helps you. I am currently in a 50 week program where we have several older(not implying anything) students. I have 4 kids at home and 3 are under age of 3. So, it is really hard at times. So, keep up and don't fall behind. Good Luck!!!
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  7. by   Cajun Nurse
    I would suggest technical and creative writing. They will help with your papers, but in the future as you progress up the ladder you will be happy you aquired those skills.
  8. by   peytonsmom
    Quote from suehernando
    I have 4 kids at home and 3 are under age of 3
    When do you sleep? I have a 3.5 y/o son and a 26 y/o "manbaby" at home an work FT and that's hard enough. Could imagine having all those little ones!
  9. by   cndls
    I wish I could have took all the pre-req's first. I am taking NSG 101 w/ A&P II. Plus the instructors changed the curriculum starting w/ our class. Also I live in West KY and was effected by the major ice storm and wasn't able to study due to displacement from our home and no electric including internet. Instead of giving us an extra week like the rest of the campus, we had to "catch up" the week and a half we missed in a few class periods. So I just wished I could have known how to prepare myself for this course. We started with 53 members and now are down to around 38 in the class. There are still many that are not doing so well, but can't do anything about it this point. We finished the last lec yesterday. We have an exam tomorrow, PA & Cath comps Mon & Tues, and the HESI next Friday. So yes I have done nothing but study, study, study. Now I am just trying to give myself a break b/c everything is starting to run together. My average is okay(passing), but should be much higher. I feel like it can only get better from here.
  10. by   lovemystalker
    I'm a current student, and I have done well with my math tests. Now I have eliminated many steps. I always do

    Doctors ordered
    _____________ X (in supp.)

    What is available

    for example MD ordered 15mg of Benedryl. What is available 5mg per 1 mL

    ___ X 1 = 3mL is what you would dispense!


    Remember you will get orders in mcg. and what is available is mg. You will have to successfully convert these to make them equal, I hope this helps!