I was just frowned upon by an old classmate

  1. I was just frowned upon by an old classmate. this is a long one so getready. in high school i wasnt a very serious student, i barely went to school, and barely graduated on time. anyway i am at k-mart when i run into an old classmated from high school. we talk then she asks me what am i in school for i say nursing she says" oh that fits you (with a laugh) why don't you go all the way, your smart enough, im sure" i wanted to hit her. mind youshe brags about being at the school i cant wait to attend.she isa pre med student and had the nerve to look down on me. i wanted to go off and tell her how important nursing is and how smart and dedicated you have to be, and also how i felt about her comment. instead i said oh i hope you make it as a doctor congradulations and good luck! i felt as though she wanted me to react differently because she tried to put me down in a good way, but she didnt. she wanted me to say " oh my G.P.A. is so and so, blah, blah, blah, she wanted me to get offended and argue, instead i showed her who was the intelligent and mature one. i didnt need to brag to her or tell her all my business just because she wanted to hear it. i know that i my heart i am satisfied with the career path that i choose and i really don't care if she or anyone else is gonna look down on me. i feel as thoughn i set her sraight by being civil. would you all have acted differently?
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  3. by   justjenn
    WOW, I really admire you! To be honest, I have always admired people who can put other people in their place w/out cursing them out. Sometimes my red hair and Irish temper gets the best of me, I would have told her off, but you did right.

    In the movie "Pride & Prejudice" Elizabeth Bennett was able to put people in their place with grace and style, and that sounds like what you did. Watch the movie if you can, You just proved yourself as a superior human being by the way you handled that pompus, self-centered, ego, power-tripping girl - see, look at me go off.:imbar

    Great job. Well done. Be proud of who you are!

  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    You are the better person in that interaction. IMO, nurses are FAR more crutial to a pt's recovery and well-being than any doctor.

    I mean, if all the docs disappeared overnight, the majority of nurses could go on taking care of pts and doing most of the same things we already do, without them.

    But.....what if all the nurses disappeared overnight?

    Except for possibly surgeons, the docs would be totally lost. All they do is write orders and walk away.
    Who would actually carry out the orders?

    And...how many orders would even be appropriate or timely enough to make a difference if the nurses were not there to clue the docs in?

    The docs would breeze throught the unit in 15 mins (like they do now) and the pts would be all alone to fend for themselves. All their important doctors' orders would just be so much meaningless paper. Nothing more.

    It is my honest opinion that most people who become docs are seriously defective in some way, and I think your former classmate just proves my point.

    So.... screw her!

    And you go out there and be the best $%^$%& nurse you can be, Miss JKim!
  5. by   MJ-12
    I would also have to say good for you.
    No need to get into a fight over this thing.

    Why are soon to be doctors like that?? I knew someone that was in med school and acted the same way. He would just love to say Hi my name is so and so and my GPA is really really high. Probably higher than yours .
  6. by   Chaya
    You were classy, lassie. Pick your battles in life-she wasn't worth the effort. Good practice, though for some of the "stuff" you may get from patients -or even (GASP) other staff in the future.
    Good going and good luck!
  7. by   Yellow Rose RN
    You definately were the better person in that situation. Way to go girl!! We are all proud of you and you will make a wonderful nurse!

  8. by   2ner
    Good for u! I'd be proud of myself if I were in ur shoes!

    Don't ya just hate those "holier than thou" types.

    Just rest assured, Karma will come back to bite her in the arse in a big way one day (hopefully you'll be around to see it or hear about it and that can be ur revenge).

    Be proud of yourself tho, not all of us can bite our tongues like you did.....especially me
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  9. by   GraceyB
    You did right girl! She just wanted to be nosy and pry into your current life. You left her still wondering what is going with you. You have pateince.
  10. by   rebel_red
    Originally posted by GraceyB
    You did right girl! She just wanted to be nosy and pry into your current life. You left her still wondering what is going with you. You have patience.

    More patience than I do sugar. Another red headed irish woman with a temper be I. I prolly would have launched into Helllllllooo Nurses truthful diatribe and let loose on that gal......

    and then several years later found myself as a nurse for one of her patients...lol talk about Karma.....

    the ever evil redhead
  11. by   CraftyLPN
    You go girl!! Proud of you!!
    I think along w/ handwriting lessons...maybe ettiquite lessons SHOULD be required for the new upcoming doc's..... :roll
  12. by   Audreyfay
    What a perfect diplomatic answer. That is what it takes to be a nurse. The Drs tend to spout off. Nurses realize the impact of their answer and choose wisely. Welcome to our world. It's not always fun and roses, but the rewards are plentiful.
  13. by   FROGGYLEGS
    I once had an elderly patient that summed this whole matter up quite nicely. She was a new admission, I had spoken with her briefly, but had not gotten the chance to properly introduce myself at the time. She saw me walk by her room and called for me. She called me Doctor so I assume she thought I was one. A coworker that was in the room said "She's just a nurse, Ma'am". The lady sort of frowned up and said "Just a nurse? Well that's something a'int it? That's a lot." I guess you would have had to been there. It was actually quite touching and reminded me that we are appreciated by some.
  14. by   peaceful2100
    You go girl!!! You handled business very well. Unlike miss(Mrs) pre-med who was very immature. I often wonder about people like that. Sometimes people like that are so insecure about their own decisions they feel better when they knock down on others choices. You did well.