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  1. Hi everyone! I have a major decision to make and I am totally not 100% on my decision. The thing is I am having money troubles. Trouble paying bills and getting basic things like clothes for my daughter for late fall and winter she has enough for early-mid-fall. At my school we got a letter from one of the major hospital systems in my city that my school is affilated with that they will give us 1500.00 for each semester starting now until we graduate and in return we agree to work 6 months for each $1500.00 that they give us. If we don't work for them after graduation we have 7 days to pay them back after graduation. Is that a good idea? It is not any of the hospitals I was planning on working for after graduation. I currently work at a children's hospital and I love it and want to work there after I graduate but they offer nothing right now. I want to do it because it will get rid of many of my problems and depression related to financial issues so I can focus much better in school instead of worrying about money issues. I am just curious if anyone can think of anything good or bad that I did not think of to help make my decision 100% as I will be making a final decision by the end of this week.

    Well, have to go.

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  3. by   GPatty
    Wow... you sure are in a dilemma. I don't know if I would go straight for the money. I mean, yea, it's a good idea, but why give up your job you love now in order to have "instant gratification"? Can you pick up an extra hour or two where you are now? What about family help? It's a hard decision, I know.
    How old is your daughter? I've shopped at the Salvation Army before and found some lovely clothes for my 2 little girls!
    Cut corners wherever you can and struggle through. Don't let yourself be tempted out of a job you love and a position you are meant for.

    May the Lord bless you in your efforts! I'll pray for you and your family!

  4. by   janleb
    does the hospital you work at have tuition reimbursment? Most hospitals will bend over backwards especially if they get a RN after graduation. There is also public assistance, that is what it is there for. I feel for you, I have three boys and just recently left my husband. It is rough but for the most part I am happy, but a little overworked. I have found great clothes for the kids at salvation army, thrift, consignment shops.
    before you jump into that contract, talk with some of the employees there and ask them about working conditions, nurse pt ratio, are they flexable with scheduling, believe me some of the horror stories I have heard you are better to ask around. Better safe than sorry it is your license that is at risk. Have you applied for grants, scholarships (many go unclaimed). worth looking into, federal loans, which don't have to start paying on until 6 months after you graduate. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  5. by   peaceful2100
    I have no problem shopping at thrift stores, salvation army for my little girl. The only thing is I don't even have the money to shop there and that is truly sad if I don't even have money to shop at a place as simple as the thrift store. It is hard for me to pick up an extra few hours at work because I am an outpatient care assistant for the children's hospital meaning that the clinics are only open mon-fri 800-500 and I am in school for most of those hours. The hospital I work for now will not let me switch to inpatient until I have worked for them for at least 6 months and that will not occur until January. My parents do the best they can to help me but my mom lost her job last month and she is currently searching and my dad is the primary breadwinner. We just moved into a new house without our old house being sold so my parents have 2 house payments to deal with until our old house is sold. Something they totally did not want to do but had to because of the safety of the neighborhood. I am just so depressed over everything. I barely have enough gas money to get to clinicals and as far as carpooling I have tried to organize with classmates but I live too far away from the one's who are willing to carpool.

    As far as public assistance I know it is there and I don't knock anyone down who is on it because there are people who have truly valid reasons for being on public assistance but I feel I have no valid reason and there are already enough sterotypes of young minority mothers being on welfare and I am avoiding that at all costs.

    As far as scholarships I am really working real hard on that GPA when I can focus on my work so I can get some scholarships for senior year right now my GPA is at a strong 3.0 and that is not good enough for scholarships so I am working on that and my goal is to have it up to a 3.3 or 3.4 in May 2002.

    I am just so confused and lost. I had to give up the only way my daughter's daycare can communicate with me in case of emergency when I am at school/clinicals and tell them to contact my father or mother. I could no longer afford it.

    I don't know what I am going to do. I am trying to think of every possible alternative.

    Thanks for suggestions I can sure use as many as possible right about now.

  6. by   BrandyBSN
    wow, that is really a tough situation.

    The money that the hospital sounds great, but money is not worth being unhappy. But then again... it is only 6 months, and if you only need a little, maybe 6 months wouldnt be so bad. Even a year or two wouldnt be that terrible, if you can reach the goal that you want in the end.

    But remember, money cant buy happiness, but it CAN relieve stress when it comes to bills.

    Just weigh all the pros and cons first, and then make the decision that you will be able to live best with.

    I know that there are a lot of stigmas surrounding minority women with children on welfare, but you might look into WIC? That way you would be able to get some of the food assistance, and use that money for clothes. Remember, WIC and Welfare do not mean that you are less of a person. You are in college! Remember that, and everyone needs a bit of help now and then Its not that much difference between taking a grant for school and taking a grant (welfare) to be able to take care of your daughter. If you qualify, and you are struggling, its not taking advantage, its just taking action.

  7. by   shyviolet78
    Well, this is not the best solution, but have you considered getting a credit card? About 3 years ago, I was very sick, couldn't work because of it and had no health insurance. I didn't have anyone I could ask for help, and I had to pay the rent, buy groceries, etc. So, I had a student credit card at the time that I used for basic living expenses for 2 months while I recovered. Of course, 3 years later, I'm still paying on the balance, bit by bit. I wouldn't recommend this unless you have no other alternatives, but it can help out in a pinch.

    At my hospital, we can pick up extra hours by working as a sitter. Basically, you just sit in the room with a patient who has been transferred out of the ICU but is still on a vent and make sure they are clean, comfy and properly restrained. They pay the same hourly rate as the primary job. Talk to someone in the nursing administration office and see if your hospital has anything similar.

    Another alternative would be to keep your regular job and take a second job prn at another hospital. You can work as little as 8 hours a month from what I understand, and schedule your hours around your classes.
  8. by   KC CHICK
    Question: Which hospital is offering this $$$$. Maybe I can tell you what I've heard from other nurses about it. After all, 6 months is a long time....and what if you decide to take more $$$$ ? That could turn into another bad situation.
  9. by   GPatty
    Ok... this is an idea. What about babysitting in the evenings? That way, you could get a few extra bucks and be able to study after children are put down to sleep. Just make sure you get paid. Maybe go thru a babysitting program that pays you to do it. In Indiana, we have the YWCA and something thru the Heath and Human Services Department.
    Just hang in there and DO NOT give up! You are too valuable to let go!!! Believe me, I understand about having No money. Just the other day, my kids wanted $3 apiece to go roller skating with their school. I didn't have it to give. It's trying and hard, but in the long run, it'll all be worth it! Remember that, Peaceful... and know we're with you whatever you decide...
  10. by   CEN35
    well..............thats a good start......as others said,........why are they pushing.........helping out, for return of services after graduation? go over there......and see if you can talk to some staff members and find out what things are like? you don't want to start out nursing as a new grad with a rope around your neck.
    jfr............i take it your a minority? not that it matters...............but if you need help........you need help right? the other thing......and this is no way to offend anybody.......there are thousands, maybe millions of lame waste case people in our country........the one thing i can assure you.......is they are not all minorities. i have seen my share of .....well.....how to phrase it without being offensive? my share of.........well.........trash from all nationalities, skin colors, and religions..........in my lifetime. you cannot let some genralization/stereotyping influence you. besides??????? what's the bottom lline? you are trying to do something for yourself.......and 2.5gpa...........4.0 gpa........you are trying to make yourself productive..........which many people never even attempt in their lifetime. chin up and just try your best. wish i could do something else to help you.

  11. by   Scarlette
    CEN35 pretty much summed up what I was going to say! There is no reason to be ashamed about accepting welfare when you're trying to better yourself. It's one thing if you're sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer and eating bon bons all day, but it's quite another when you're going to school to better your life (not to mention your child's life). Don't be ashamed at all!! It's too bad that so many people have abused the system and make people like you, who want to do better, feel ashamed to accept some help. I say go for it!

    As far as accepting money and working there after you graduate....do you really want to give up the job you love for that? What happens if you can't stand the people there and want to quit after 1 month? Would you still have to pay that money back within a week? I hope everything works out for you. Take care.
  12. by   JennieBSN
    Wow. Okay, here's my take. I have 2 friends who did similar things to what you're describing to help pay for school. Both of them didn't like the idea of being 'locked in,' no, but they agreed that it was a small price to pay for financial security.

    Look, I think the others are correct about maybe looking into some public assistance to get you back on your feet. I mean IN ADDITION TO getting the $1500 lump sum to help w/tuition and books. There's nothing wrong with seeking a little help to get you back on your feet....you're not going to make it a lifestyle. You're going to use it for what it was originally intentioned for...a hand up in time of need.

    I suggest the following combination:
    1. Take the loan. Get $3000, so you only have to commit to one year of service.
    2. Get WIC and AFDC. You need help with bills other than tuition, and you need a phone for your own personal safety and peace of mind. What about 911 service?
    3. Look into a Plus loan if the $3000 isn't enough. They are low interest and designed specifically for students putting themselves through school. Also look into a Pell Grant.
    4. DON'T GET A CREDIT CARD. Not right now. Too risky. If you already have one, and it's part of what's stressing you, contact Consumer Credit Counseling Service. It's a non-profit debt consolidation firm. They don't give you a loan, you don't have to declare bankrupcy. They work out an agreement w/your creditors to lower your payments and eliminate interest.
    5. Seek emotional help. Tonya, this is just too much stress for one person to handle. You need to talk to someone. Your school can refer you to someone who has a sliding scale fee, and lots of counselors will see you for free if your need is great enough. Call local churches or Lutheran Family Services if your school can't refer you to someone affordable or free.

    Good luck, God bless.
  13. by   CarolineRn
    Hi all!

    Peaceful, you are really in a tight spot. But there are ways out besides selling your soul (even if only for six months) You made this statement in regards to public assistance:
    but I feel I have no valid reason and there are already enough sterotypes of young minority mothers being on welfare and I am avoiding that at all costs.
    Now think about that a minute. Your parents have worked all their lives, they pay taxes. How does the government get the money for public assistance? Taxes! Taxes that your parents have paid out for years!! Don't you think you have a right to this assistance? That's what it's there for. As a taxpayer, or the child of one, you have a right to this assistance. You are in school to ensure a better life for yourself and your children, you aren't getting assistance to get a "free ride," you're getting it because you need a hand while you prepare yourself for the future.

    Don't let things like stereotypes, etc... stand in your way. Accepting financial help is only temporary. And that's what it's intended to be.

    I can't offer any better advice regarding the hospital's offer than you have already gotten from everyone before me, but I'd like to add that you should follow your heart.

    best of luck to you!
  14. by   peaceful2100
    Thanks for the replies everyone. It is hard but I am going to stay strong and I will survive. I will find a way.

    To KC CHICK it is the Entire Health-Midwest system that is offering this.