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Hi everyone! I have a major decision to make and I am totally not 100% on my decision. The thing is I am having money troubles. Trouble paying bills and getting basic things like clothes for my... Read More

  1. by   essarge

    I've read with interest all of the replies that you have gotten and hope that they open some options for you. The one thing that I did notice is that allot of people mentioned AFDC. The one thing there is that with AFDC and you living at your parents home may present a problem. With AFDC they take into account ALL income from the home and the fact that your parents are dual homeowners at this point may present the problem.

    Our state offers full scholarships for nursing students that are willing to work for the state for a specific period of time. While this might knock you out of the private sector for a short period, it will give you the education that you want, a job with great benefits and security, and an area of employment that could range from psych nursing to geriatrics. Check with your state board of higher education and see what they offer.

    Hope this helps!
  2. by   crnasomeday
    Well, God love ya, peaceful. I can totally relate to what you're experiencing, and I can understand not wanting to rely on AFDC (or in my state it's called TANF). But, you know what? People are right when they say that you are exactly the type of person assistance is supposed to be for. . .a person who is just going through a temporary rough time and is working to get out of it. For my first couple of years of school, I was on assistance, and I sometimes felt ashamed and embarrassed about it. But my kids had food, and clothing, and necessities, and I didn't feel as stressed out about everything.

    I can tell you, too, that Essarge is kind of right. Living with your parents could make it more difficult to get assistance, but not impossible. In our state, we have a program called Healthy Moms Healthy Kids. They are excellent advocates when you need to deal with the public aid people. There are ways to get around that little rule about counting every person in the house's income, and I'm not talking about anything fraudulent (sp?). I know this, I am certain of it, because I lived at my folk's house while getting help from TANF too. If your state has a program like HMHK, I would contact them and see what kind of help they can give you.
  3. by   KC CHICK
    I haven't heard very positive things about the hospitals within the Health Midwest system. Research Medical Center, for one, has some MAJOR problems going on....we had some reps from a nursing union come to speak w/our class and they could do nothing but complain about how poorly they are treated. Baptist is going downhill too - from what I've heard from others. Word generally travels fast about stuff like this.

    DEFINATELY TAKE THE ADVISE OF ANOTHER POSTER AND SPEAK WITH EMPLOYEES FROM WITHIN THIS SYSTEM!!!! You don't want to jump at the $$$$$ before you look into this.

    Try Truman Medical Center ....they may offer something similar. They gave a $7.500.00 - 10,000.00 sign on bonus for new grads w/a two year commit. Maybe they would work something out w/you. I know they pay back student loans too. My friends that work there really like the experience they are getting. Being a teaching hospital in the city, you can really learn a lot.
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  4. by   kiddoRN
    Have you thought of applying for a Stafford Loan? Are you receiving any type of Pell assistance? I receive a really decent amount of money each semester from Citibank by Stafford loan.
  5. by   canoehead
    Please, take the public assistance. The entire reason it is in place is for people like you who need a hand to reach their goals, but don't want to sell their souls to do it. Among the many posters to this board surely we have all contributed enough to have a say in where the money goes and we want YOU to get it and have a little peace of mind.

    You are working hard and deserve the help. And personally I would go for a bank loan or a credit card before I would committ to work at a hospital without knowing the conditions. If you like the job you have now especially. Perhaps your current hospital's HR department has per diem tech jobs, or housekeeping, or secretary spots that you would enjoy, and would tide you over.