I made it...pre-nursing student gets admitted into ASN program!

  1. Have two long years of working hard I finally was admitted to the nursing program at Fairmont State University (aka Pierpont)...very nervous and have the summer to emotionally prepart myself to be ready in the Fall...anyone with any suggestions or encouragement for me, please reply. Also, I am a male student entering a ASN program...will I have additional difficulties?
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  3. by   lainith
    Let me be the first to congratulate you! Nursing school is exciting, scary, fun, hard work, terrifying... you'll love it. Some guys have said that they feel they have a difficult time in SOME aspects of the whole experience, specifically in OB and Peds. My DBF is an LPN and he told me his program was amazing and he always felt welcomed by students and staff alike. I have had two fellow male students. Can't speak much for either of them because they both had problems right from the beginning though... not showing up for clinical got one of them kicked out first week of this semester.

    Hope it will be a positive experience for you!
  4. by   TheComebackKid
    i'm a little less nervous than i was a couple of weeks ago...just have a lot of things to get ready during the summer like immunizations, physical, background check, etc....got a couple of things done though; like cpr training...so i think if i just pace myself i'll get things done...one step at time, just like i did when preparing to get into the program..i'm very exited though and determined...thanks for your comments!
  5. by   greeniebean
    Congrats! I'm so excited for you. I hope all goes well, and i hope you get some r&r this summer. you deserve it!
  6. by   KellRrn2b
    congrats!!!! you did it!!!! That is a great accomplishment and we definitely need more male nurses!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   tishirajan
    That's really awesome! Congrats!
  8. by   tbell2
    Sweet! I remember how excited I was when I got in!!
  9. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Congrats my friend! welcome to the world of stress! do all the fun things that you can before school begins because you are up for a world where your classmates will be your family. Say goodbye to clubbing and socials and hello to how to some sleepless nights to survive nursing college. Do the best you can and be positive. congrats again!