I like my micro class

  1. Our instructor is a doctor for the CDC and he seems to love talking about syphillis, anthrax and monkey pox.

    For some weird reason, I like this class.

    The labs sound like they will be fun. We only have about 24 people in our class and it is small.
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    I started micro on Monday and I was really worried. There are 32 people in my class. I have an awesome teacher. She said in the last three years, nobody in her class received a grade lower than a b. Do you know what she gives us for the exam? A BUG. We have to identify it and that is the whole exam. Is that not COOL!
    Hissy ^..^
  4. by   twarlik
    Originally posted by HISSYTHECAT
    I have an awesome teacher. She said in the last three years, nobody in her class received a grade lower than a b.
    Wow, I wish I was in your class. We just got our second exam back in my micro class and the average grade was a 60%! I think at the end of the semester there will definitely be some people getting less than B's...
  5. by   nursebucky
    Hissy, that does sound cool.

    We get graded on growing a good culture, a really cool looking notebook and tests in which the questions are taken directly from the power point slides.
    We also do a few drawings for a grade.
    He even said to the class..."I know most of you need this class to become a nurse, so we will get this class done and you all can be on your way."

    I felt like jumping up and doing the happy dance or something.

    In my previous classes, the teacher seemed out to ensure you failed.
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    That's great.....I can't wait to take Micro....I've heard nothing but wonderful things from other nursing students at my college. I have to take it with Nursing 108 though.....so that won't be until Spring 2004.

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    Sounds like you've got a cool instructor.... i loved micro too..... it was intense and challeging, but the subject matter is soooo interesting.

    This site has lots of resources...


    Are you entering your second year of the adn program, or 1st?
  8. by   FutureNurse2005
    Glad to hear you are enjoying this course!
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    I surprised myself by LOVING micro...Was totally interesting and cool...Glad to hear you like it too, and mine was prior to HIV, Sars and monkeypox!
  10. by   GPatty
    Micro is alright, but she gives us an ungodly amount of homework! With me working 7p-7a and usualy having only 1 day off in between classes, I have to rush to accomplish it.
    But I guess I am doing ok, my grade so far is a 92%. Can't complain about that.
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    My school doesn't even OFFER a micro class, and it is not required to graduate!
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    Originally posted by nekhismom
    My school doesn't even OFFER a micro class, and it is not required to graduate!
    Not required?!?! I thought that micro was pretty much one of those standard courses that all nursing students had to take at some point.
    Are you in the nursing program now? If so, do you feel that not having this coursework has hindered you?
  13. by   ggfifirn05
    Bucky, your teacher sounds like the one I had for micro. I signed up for this particular teacher on the recommendation of a friend...and was so happy I did. Dr. Davis looked and sounded like Edith Bunker, only 1000X times smarter! She was a riot! She made it all so interesting and was very "matter-of-fact" about everything. My friend had warned me about Dr. Davis' famous "rectum" lecture, so when we got to that, I was prepared. The woman should do stand up comedy! Her classes always fill up on the first day of registration because she is so popular.

    Not that the class was easy; we had alot of lab work in addition to her lectures, but the class was always fun. She made up her own study guides so we rarely used the textbook, but she hit on all the important points...needless to say, I got an A in the class (I think most of the class did...if you didn't, you probably didn't try very hard!) I really miss that class...I wish I had had her as my teacher for A & P I & II, because I know I would have retained so much more. Of all my prereqs, her class has been my favorite!
  14. by   nursebucky
    Our teacher said that our test would be from the notes on the power point slide, so I am memorizing every little detail.

    Bevi, I start the nursing program in August. Countdown time.