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I have a micro exam on Thursday and I am having the most difficult time getting motivated. This class is so boring! The sad part is that this is my last pre-req before I begin the nursing program in... Read More

  1. by   jonron1216
    I'm in Microbiology right now... currently trying to memorize appx. 100 types of bacteria for a test tomorrow and wanting to rip my hair out. I think the class is fascinating, but I am not a fan of memorizing latin and I think it is a little overkill to have us learn so many bacteria... I would have preferred to stick to the more important ones. I could care less that Epulopiscium fishelsoni lives in the guts of Surgeon Fish. !!!
  2. by   jonron1216
    Ha, minus 1 point for not italicizing... ​Epulopiscium fishelsoni
  3. by   Journee2
    Microbiology is BORING.GOV! The only interesting thing to me was the last portion of the course where we reviewed all the diseases, etc and actually doing a CSI type experiment where we went through the actual steps of "streaking out DNA on Gel". Other than that, I struggled to stay awake in that class (and it was an afternoon course too) but I passed with a B and swore to never look back. Good Luck!

    Image from CSI Lab Experiment:
  4. by   VictoriaMareah
    Aww I'm sad to hear alot of people disliking micro. I had a great teacher and really enjoyed the class!
  5. by   CRNBSN18
    I'm actually looking forward to micro but everyone is scaring me! I have to take it with my nursing classes most likely, and that's not helping any lol but I'm a science girl so I'm hoping it's okay for me!
  6. by   Annachu512
    I take Micro in the Fall. It's not a nursing pre-req as I am in level 2 nursing but it must be completed before graduating with the ASN. Since level 2 is the "easiest" nursing semester (and I use easiest loosely), the instructors highly recommend taking that class with level 2. I HATE Biology...and I'm also taking Chemistry so two sciences. YAY me. The Chem I'm taking as a requirement to apply to CRNA programs though so I want to get that taken care of..
  7. by   LiLev
    Quote from jonron1216
    Ha, minus 1 point for not italicizing... ​Epulopiscium fishelsoni
    LOL. That's what I was thinking!