I got into Nursing School!!!!!!!

  1. I just got accepted Tennessee State University!!! I will be starting the ASN program in the fall. Is there anyone else on here going through this program or has gone through this program???????????????????
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  3. by   superramvette
    Congrats. Im in Chattavegas at Chatt state. I actually thought about applying to TSU but got in here
  4. by   TennNS
    One of the girls that I work with went there and loved it. My ex-husband's step-daughter is in her first year of college there and she loves it too!!! Are you in the nursing program there?
  5. by   superramvette
    I start in the fall. Its a rather large program 110 students . I have heard nothing but great things about it also. How large is ur class at TSU? My brother goes to MTSU and he's up on TSU's campus a lot with the Air force program
  6. by   cursedandblessed
    congrats to all!!
  7. by   Coriander
    Woohoo! Congratulations!
  8. by   mrsfancy
    Congratulations!! I am currently in the process of trying to enter into the TSU ASN program for the next term. I was wondering how the school/program was working out for you, as I am not familiar with TSU. How many times did you apply before acceptance? Is it very competative as far as admssion into the ASN program. I have completed all prereq. and have been told the entrance exam is being changed. So I am just waiting to find out what entrance test to take. I hope all is well. I could really use honest feedback.
  9. by   roeth
    Congratulations to you!
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  12. by   nyemt2005
    I got accepted as well to my school. Good luck.
  13. by   krscltnc
    CONGRATS!!!!! I also just got accepted to start in the Fall 2010!!!!!!!!

    I am in Charlotte, NC - and got accepted into Mercy School of Nursing. I would love to hear any comments from nurses who attened MSON. I would also like any suggestions, recommendations of "must have items", ideas for success, etc. I worked my fanny off to get accepted and am beyond thrilled!!!!!!!
  14. by   nsstudent33