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TennNS specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. TennNS

    NCLEX 4000

    Can you please send me a link. I have it downloaded onto my computer but it says that I have a 64 and need a 32.
  2. TennNS

    JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    July 5th. Haven't studied much yet but looks like I need to get busy. Plan on just studying the hurst review book and materials that came with the review course.
  3. TennNS

    I got into Nursing School!!!!!!!

    One of the girls that I work with went there and loved it. My ex-husband's step-daughter is in her first year of college there and she loves it too!!! Are you in the nursing program there?
  4. TennNS

    Nursing Scholarships And Grants Question

    I will also be starting school in August. Already filled out the FAFSA and I am getting some grants but...... I am a single mother with two children and I have heard about how hard nursing school is so.....I would like to work as little as possible therefore......I would like to get enough funding to be able to support me completely. I know that people do this and of course I would like to get as many grants and scholarships as possible. I do know that I will have to take out loans as well. Anyone have any good suggestions on scholarships? Or is there anyone out there that quit their job and went to nursing school full-time??? I am on the Fastweb site already for scholarships!!!
  5. I just got accepted Tennessee State University!!! I will be starting the ASN program in the fall. Is there anyone else on here going through this program or has gone through this program???????????????????
  6. I just got accepted in to the ASN program at TSU. Anyone else on here going to TSU or have recently gone throught the program and can tell me little but about the instructors and the program?????

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