I don't know if I still want to be a nurse?

  1. Okay, so I have a Dilemma here. I've always wanted to be a nurse since I was 5 (24 now). I recently failed out of my senior year of nursing school-RN and they're so strict I might not be able to get back in (which I get).
    So I was thinking of doing LPN first then do a bridge. Thing is I don't know if I want to be a nurse anymore, this semester was so brutal and I was having such a tough time. My mom is a nurse and so is her 7 sisters and pretty much the entire family. I'm trying to keep my options open: EMT-thing is the pay sucks, and I wasn't going into nursing for the pay I genuinely love helping people.

    Criminal justice and forensic is my other love, Im looking at associates degrees at my local community college. I could be a corrections officer or investigate crime scenes.

    at this point I feel like I'm just going to do LPN so I won't let my mom down and her side of the family. my dad understands and just wants me to do what interests me. I just feel horrible my mom has paid my entire school out of pocket (pre reqs and the nursing at a community college) and now I feel like changing careers, I don't want her thinking that she wasted all that money. She also "brain washed" me since I was little thinking that I won't financially survive at all if I was anything but a nurse

    Please help
    Thanks in advance for reading this. Maybe I'm over thinking...but my anxiety isn't helping
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  3. by   jennylee321
    Do you mind sharing why you failed out of your senior year? This information would help me advise what you should do going forward
  4. by   hockeygirl1031
    I have trouble with tests. Clinically I'm great. Studying is fine, I can "teach back" to make sure I understand it. But as soon as that test comes in front of me. Everything goes blank
  5. by   jennylee321
    Has the school confirmed they won't let you repeat the year? I can understand the school not letting someone back after being unsafe or just neglecting clinical and assignments. But if your trouble is with tests you should be given another chance.
  6. by   hockeygirl1031
    The school itself hasn't but my advisor pretty much said to me "if you applied to take the semester over it's not guaranteed you'd get back in. We have to look at all the readmitts and their gpa. (Mine in is a 3.2 now). And you probably won't get back in because I don't like you and won't make the recommendation to them to let you back in"
  7. by   hockeygirl1031
    My advisor is also one of the nursing professors
  8. by   kaylee.
    Hi! It seems like the most important question is to really figure out if this is what you want. You have been going along with "the plan" so far and a major roadblock happened-failing nsg school-which has revealed some feelings that you may have been hiding from...

    Ur mom may be irrationally set on your future but what is more important is that you be RATIONALLY set on your future.

    What if you said to your mom: mom i am set on you spending your retirement gardening. Its a great passtime and will really be best for you. I have bought all the tools you will need so Lets go to the plant store tomorrow and get you started on this.

    It sounds rediculous, but it goes for you too! Im sure you kindof know this.

    Dont lead with this assumption that your wants are important-pending parental approval.

    Maybe she just needs a little guidance. Your mom may have no clue how you feel and just wants u to be happy.

    Just start exploring your options and lead them as spectators and only stakeholders if they want to be - in you-not necessarily just you if u become a nurse.

    I know easier said than done but you have taken the first steps! Good luck!
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  10. by   hockeygirl1031
    Thanks all! I'm slowly getting out of my depression and I want to still try nursing again. I think my depression and anxiety was messing with my train of thought. I just applied to another community college for LPN, work a little bit then do their LPN-RN program. I hope I get in the fall! Until then I will work a lot and save as much as I can so when I do go back to school I will only work 2 days a month (our hospital requirement for per diem can's)
  11. by   FutureNurseInfo
    First you said you wanted to be a nurse since you were five. Then you said you were brainwashed. But that is beside the point. If you heart is no longer in it, go with your gut and do something else.
  12. by   rob95
    I think you should continue to pursue Nursing, the schooling is the toughest part but if you made it all the way to your senior year, that says a lot! Some people flunk out in the first semester. I