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Anyone feel the same way? Im REALLY REALLY tired, but yet, as soon as I lay down, I am wide awake again. I have thought about sleep aids, but I hate taking pills if not necessary. I have tried the... Read More

  1. by   carlalogan
    I know it sounds new age, but I have a 20 minute yoga tape for the p.m. to get you in the state of mind to fall asleep. I've never taken real classes and don't know if I do it all right, but it really makes you focus your mind only on relaxing. I'm usually able to go right to sleep even if I was wired before I did the tape. Hope that helps some.
  2. by   eventsnyc
    Brandy, I used to have the same problems. A change of life style had helped me out.

    I now start the day with yoga. It makes me feel good all day. Also I had changed coffee to tea. I eat the largest full meal at lunch time. Dinner is usually foods that are easy-to-digest types: homemade shakes (banana, walnuts, yogourt..etc.), soups, etc.

    I find sauna baths at the day's end very helpful too. especially when they are followed by a long shower & a massage. I also like listening to calm classical music before bed time: lie in bed for 10 minutes with feet slightly elevated, this generally makes me sleepy.

    Hope all is well,

    Best wishes, Christina
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  3. by   eventsnyc
    Brandy, My yoga teacher had also made me cut the ice cold drinks and food. She said they are stimulants.

  4. by   RNforLongTime

    I know JUST how you feel! There would be times when I was working the 7a to 7p shift and could not fall asleep! I'd be awake till 3am then had to get up at 5:30 am. I am up right now and this is one of the biggest reasons that I am swithching to Night shift next month.

    I agree with Kristina! Take some Benadryl. It aint gonna hurt. 50-75 mgs will knock you out quicker than Mohammed Ali!

    Good Luck!

  5. by   delirium
    I know exactly what you're going through. Ever since my chemotherapy treatment a year or so ago, a whole bunch of stuff is screwy with me (too much to even go into.... I hope it fixed what was wrong because it sure did screw up what was right!). Insomnia was one of the biggies. I was taking Ambien and Ativan (not together of course) for a spell, but they don't recommend that you take them for very long and they weren't really effective anyway.
    So now, I take Tylenol PMs. Two before bed. In about 30 minutes I'm drowsy, and I sleep in a cool room with the AC on and a fan to circulate the air. No hangover effect in the morning.... I have taken as many as three... that leaves me groggy. One isn't quite enough to ensure uninterrupted sleep. My problem wasn't really falling asleep, though, it was staying asleep.
    I agree. Warm milk is pure, unadulterated nastiness.
  6. by   dicey
    Brandy you said you thoughts were racing. I assume these are things your worried about.
    If so keep a note pad by your bed and right down the things you need to do the next day.