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  1. Kia Ora Lance Interesting reading posts on this site ah? Same dramas everywhere. Interesting short thing on Holmes tonight about pay comparsions overseas exp. RN in New Zealand $42K U.A.E $65K U.S.A $190K (all in N.Z $'s) I'm in Dirty old Dunners 1st year, there getting a prescribing paper next year for third years. Hope your enjoying your studies
  2. dicey

    I Can't Sleep!

    Brandy you said you thoughts were racing. I assume these are things your worried about. If so keep a note pad by your bed and right down the things you need to do the next day.
  3. dicey

    Can DUI keep you out of Nursing?

    I think its pretty crap if the 'powers that be' don't accept you. I know its not a problem in Australia, New Zealand or the U.K. I'm sure you have been punished already. Good luck.