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Hi All, I am just curious on what to expect when I start Nursing Classes this fall. We have clinicals on Tues and Thurs. I guess my questions is, do you start out working in the lab (as your... Read More

  1. by   Aneroo
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    As for clinicals... EVERYONE feels lost and completley stupid so that just dwindles with time.
    Amen! Our instructor compared us to a bunch of baby ducks following their momma.
  2. by   julieftRN
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    Welcome and congradulations! I know this is an exciting time for you... I remember anticipating my first classes two years ago too.

    Well my school required a semester of lab type skillswork (assessment, fundamentals- med administration, foleys, etc) prior to hands on care along with 5 lecture classes including pharm, patho and other not so memorable BSN theory crap.

    You know I haven't seen that much gross stuff so far and I did my senior practicum at a level 1 trauma center. I mean sure the poop and puke in med/surg is a little gross but hey you only get 1-2 pts and you always have your instructor and fellow students to run to for empathy and assistance if you really need it.

    Best of luck to you-


    THanks..Yes, I think it is the poop that I am most afraid of. I guess you get used to that though.
  3. by   Smile!
    [QUOTE=manna]Funny - there was a thread with almost the exactly same title recently!

    I don't have any advice - because I start this fall and am nervous too!

    Good luck! I think this site will be a great sounding board...

    All the actual NURSES are probably sick to death of hearing from us students but who else can we ask??
  4. by   purplemania
    Your first semester clinicals will focus on basic nursing skills, like vital signs, bathing, feeding, etc. Things you do for your family. EVERYONE is nervous, so that is normal. I have seen students drop out because they could not handle being so intimate with strangers and were afraid to touch someone. You will learn to focus on the immediate task then go do something else and not worry ahead, because that drains your energy. I predict it will be an interesting time for you.
  5. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from bluesky
    ... other not so memorable BSN theory crap...
    Thought that expression was kinda funny!
  6. by   manna
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    I see you are in Mississippi. What school are you going to?

    I'll be starting the BSN program at MUW (in Columbus) on July 7th!

    What about you?
  7. by   julieftRN
    Quote from manna
    I'll be starting the BSN program at MUW (in Columbus) on July 7th!

    What about you?

    I will be starting the ADN program at Northwest CC in August. Im just ready to get started. A lot of anticipation!!!
  8. by   manna
    Quote from julieftRN
    I will be starting the ADN program at Northwest CC in August. Im just ready to get started. A lot of anticipation!!!
    I had a friend that started at NW years ago, but had to drop out. She seemed to really think well of the program though - so good luck!
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    i just wanted to bring this thread back to the first page for others to read without the need to start another thread. i found it to be a good one.
  10. by   lunakat
    Your not the only one with jitters. Had my orientation on Thurs and they handed out the calendar for the whole semster. For about the first month we are in the skills lab for clinicals on tusdays and wednesdays. Then we start our official clinicals. It looks like I get to learn how to insert a foley on first day of clinical in skills lab. I am really nervous. I don't start until august and I am already having nightmares about messing up, feeling stupid, and mean clinical instructors.... :imbar good luck with your class
  11. by   momof4ndocswife
    I've now completed 2 of 5 clinical rotations. Writing up patient care plans, pathophysiology, medication sheets (when your 1st patient has 31 meds), etc. seemed to take FOREVER at first. I think we all felt like absolute idiots at first.... and STILL DO... at times. We all hear horror stories.... but... you need to remember to consider the sources.... and be careful not to believe everything you hear!

    We spent a few weeks learning basic assessment and technical skills in lab before entering the nursing home (where we did our "Fundamentals" clinical).

    If allowed, keep some peppermint in your pocket to pop in your mouth to help if you begin to feel a little nauseated on the floors. I've also heard someone say she put methlolateum beneath her nose to help with odors. I remember thinking that I thought I could handle blood and guts and feces but was concerned about suctioning mucous and green phlegm. Then.. my very first patient in the nursing home was a paralyzed stroke patient who needed suctioning! I stood outside his room and just prayed for strength before I entered, linens and stethoscope in hand, heart beating wildly, nervous as could be. Then... when I reached his bed and introduced myself, and those big brown eyes opened and looked up at me, all of my fears disappeared because this person was MY PATIENT... and he needed me!

    You'll work harder than you ever dreamed in nursing school. Just plan on it! This isn't college life! This is nursing training. There's no time to go slack. You'll need to balance some "down time" but you'll also have to work to not get behind on studying. AND... you can just count on other people simply not understanding why you are studying so much. The rest of the world just doens't understand why it takes so much work to become a nurse... because they think everyone dressed in scrubs in the hospital is a nurse... and we all know there are a whole lot of people in scrubs who aren't very educated!

    It's a lot of work... but you have to remember that it's for a season of time to reach a goal... and it's going to take sacrifice. My mother always said that nothing worthwhile in life comes easily and Nursing school is one GOOD example. Hang in there and don't let the nay-sayers discourage you from your goal.

    Find the study style that works best for you and stick with it. DON'T get rid of any of your books along the way... because you'll be constantly referring to them! Everything will build on everything you've previously learned so you'll always be reviewing.

    It all seems so hard at first... especially memorizing facts and numbers in a vacuum.... but once you actually begin DOING stuff... and applying it to actual patients.... it starts making sense! You'll simply be amazed at how significant nurses are in the hospital and be so very proud of what you are becoming!!! GO FOR IT!
  12. by   Jen2
    To everyone anticipating their first semester of nursing school... You will be fine. Here's a few pointers.

    The instructor is ALWAYS right! Don't argue! If he/she says the grass is purple, then well darn it. It is!

    Practice breathing through your mouth. This will help you is smelly situations. If you can't breath through your mouth, rub some scented oil such as peppermint under your nose.

    Make a vow to give it 110% from day one and realize that you've already gotten this far and your not about to quit now. The sleepless nights and high stress will pay off.

    No matter what you think you will actually learn something from your careplans so do a good job.

    Treat every patient you come in contact with as if they were your family member and you will do fine.

    You will laugh and you will cry, so get to know and become friends with your fellow classmates. You will need them for support and encouragement. Afterall, they are the only ones who understands what you are going through.

    Get all of your families used to eating ramen noodles and mac and cheese now,

    This is all I can think of right now. The anxiety is so normal and so familiar to me. I still have a year of school left but I can tell you the first year flew by so fast. It is also so rewarding to know that I only have a year left. I have almost forgotten all of the sleepless nights and stress that came along with my first year of nursing school. Good luck to you all.
  13. by   julieftRN
    It is nice to hear encouraging words every once in awhile. It helps me remember how rewarding this will be and that school is just for a little while.