I am a slacker

  1. Okay it is only the second day of summer classes and I am already looking for excuses to put off doing my homework. Anybody else having this problem?
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  3. by   any
    I have been known to put my homework off, but summer classes generally meet everydayand last only a few weeks. Is this how your summer class is? If so, you probably would be better off sacrificing to do your homework every day as it is assigned. You won't be sorry you did it, and you will probably feel good for getting it out of the way. For some people, procrastinating is their usual style, and they make good grades just the same as those who do not procrastinate. Just know your own personal limits on how long you can procrastinate your homework in this class, if that is what you choose. Good luck and do your best!
  4. by   Jen2
    One thing that I did when I was having this problem was to go to the library right after class. This way I got my homework done, because what else is ther to do in the library? If I went home right after class, i always pushed it off. This way when you get home it will be done and give you time with your loved ones without worrying about needing to do that homework.
  5. by   marilynmom
    Oh ya I tend to do that as well but I make myself come home or go to the library RIGHT after class and do all my homework and reading there. Sometimes I am up till 1-2am (I am taking Chem and Nutrition) but it is done and I normally dont have much to do on the weekends that way! I go to school in the evenings 4 nights a week.

    So that is what keeps me motivated to not slouch around and get it all done. I am tired more mornings when the kids wake me up but I feel good knowing its all done.

  6. by   Jenn_RN
    Oh I am having that problem bigtime! As a matter of fact, guess what I am supposed to be doing right now? yup, preparing for clinical tomorrow, and I just can't get my brain to work. Ugh, I am so burned out -- I just can't get the motivation up and I hate this feeling I have! I hope that my measly 3 week break between summer and fall will rejuvinate me, b/c at this rate I'll be running out of the classroom laughing like a loon by October!
  7. by   kjseam
    I come home right after class and sit down to do it but I am kind of overwhelmed. You would not believe how much homework I already have. I am just not motivated. I would rather sleep
  8. by   zannie
    homework isn't my problem... it's dragging myself to class...!! ugh. It's summer, my class is in the evening and I have to drag my poor 10 month old out to my mom's past his bedtime.... who wants to do all that. Day classes for me from now on!!!!

    I find that if I open my book and notebook on my dining room table (which we don't use) and leave it there and do a little bit at a time every few hours or so... it breaks it up!
  9. by   Born2BAnurse
    Sometimes I cant get going either. Like right now im suppose to be study for a exam tomorrow in Nursing 101.. and what Im I doding on line!:imbar

    Sometimes I really have to push myself to study.. If its boring to me I just cant get into it.. alot of times I find exercising before study helps me... it get the blood folwing to the brain...
  10. by   teeituptom
    Aint no cure for the summertime blues
  11. by   redwinggirlie
    Say your class meets at 10 to noon..... convince yourself it's really from 10 to 1230...... take that half hour and do the homework. It will really wind up being a longer time once you get into it (it always did for me in school). But by faking yourself out and thinking you only have to spend 30 mins doing homework might help you get the job done. Believe me, when it comes time to test, it makes all the difference in the world.... trust me, I'm a new graduate and I don't regret one minute spent studying (could have used a few more mins!)
  12. by   Bonnie Blue
    Count me in the slacker goup! I have a paper due Friday which needs major revsion. (I HATE APA STYLE!) Here I am goofing around online!