I admit it!!!!!

  1. OK - to many this may seem silly but - I have to admit it

    Our scrubs that we are to wear to clinicals came in today and I am just sitting here grinnin' like an idiot!

    May not seem like much to most (or maybe I am just easily entertained?) but it just tickles me to no end to have my first scrubs! They look pretty decent too - a teal blue snap up front top and matching pants

    Almost seems like I am not faking this but actually may one day get through this!

    And also as I have said elsewhere - Clinicals start Wednesday and I am very excited about that (More than a lil' nervous too I have to admit)

    Just had to share - everyone can go back to reading the important stuff now lol
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  3. by   LauraF, RN
    I remember those days. But back before dirt was invented you had to wear starched white. They actually made us wear white dresses. Talk about tough. Good luck with clinicals, it is exciting. Learn as much as you can. It will be beneficial to you.
  4. by   lvn2004
    Hi bedpan,

    I start school in August and I can't wait to get my scrubs and go to clinicals. It's so exciting

    I am happy for you!
  5. by   l_wheat
    Hi, Congrats on getting into a program, I hope to be as excited as you are now in a couple of years. I STILL have many more semesters to go before I can get that excited. Are you a CNA or NA? My g/f who is a nurse suggested that I become a CNA before going too far with nursing to " see how the other half lives" and I did, and I like it sofar, maybe that would be a good thing to try for you if youre not already one. Good luck with your studies
  6. by   TinyNurse
    your nursing school uniform actually sounds nice.
    Mine was all white, and flared out at the hips.
    I remember going to order them and get fitted!! What an awesome day!
    Congrats on getting into your program, and I wish you the best of luck in school!
    to take NCLEX July 16th!!
  7. by   Berta
    No, you not weird..I've tried my uniform on about a dozen times. I can't wait to wear mine either. Call me a geek, but I even got one of those little pens that look like a syringe. I loved it. Heck, I even got excited over shopping for school stuff, pens, notebooks, backpack, and best of all my textbook. Now if that aint't weird, I don't know what is.. Enjoy, Bert
  8. by   FutureNurse2005
    lol I'm not even in nursing school yet and I own a set of scrubs! Having them helps motivate me!

    best of luck to you!
  9. by   NurseDixie
    Hey you guys are just like me, I couldn't wait for my uniforms to arrive. Although I wish we could wear scrubs. Ours are white with some blue/gold embroidery (school name) and plain white pants. I think we get to wear colored scrubs this coming semester when we go to our Pediatric rotations. I also love shopping for school supplies! Silly I guess, but I don't care. I start back on Aug.18 and will graduate in Dec. '03. Can't wait.
  10. by   neonatalRN
    I wish we could wear scrubs, too. We get to wear white scrub pants, but our top is just a regular navy blue shirt with our school name embroidered on it. But, I think we also get to wear scrubs in our Pediatric and OB rotations!

    They told us not to buy our uniform until after class starts, I am very excited to go shopping, too!!

  11. by   chiefswife
    I am so glad I'm not the only one who is like this. We got our stethoscopes in at the end of the summer one semester, and I just keep looking at it (in the box - too nervouse to take it out) and thinking that I'm really on my way!

    I still need to go buy my scrubs for clinicals that start in the fall, but I just can't seem to make myself do it! I'm pretty superstitious, and I'm afraid if I go buy them, I won't pass chemistry (the class I'm taking now) and then won't be able to take my nursing classes in the fall.
  12. by   bedpan
    So I am not alone after all!

    Only thing is - today we were told that clinicals won't start till next week

    Our class is having to split up and do our clinicals at 3 different Nursing Homes and one couldn't start this week for some reason so none will start - One more week's wait ~sigh~
  13. by   Rena RN 2003

    nothing more to add other than i love you user name. :chuckle
  14. by   camkib
    I can't wait to get my uniforms. I know that even though I already know they fit....I'll be trying them on--nametag, stethoscope and all to see how I'm going to look when its time for clinicals.

    I'm so excited!!! I can't believe I'm finally a nursing student!