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Ok long story short i have always wanted to become a nurse and alot of things were holding me back before. Now i am ready to go get my LVN and then bridge over for my RN but my husband is being mean... Read More

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    Anyways, I am going to start Nursing School wether he likes it or not!!!Thank you to all you beautiful people who took the time to comment back this is just a little update on my side. God bless
    Keep your eye on the prize. It's going to be a battleground, but you have what it takes.

    Truthfully, he will find the fact that you stood up for yourself an attractive quality. Even if he throws it in your face at some later date (and sounds like he could possibly be the type that is totally capable of doing that...) you are going to do it!

    We are all here for you, sister.
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    @Heylove awwww thank you very much sweetheart!!!! *big hugs to you*
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    Yeah, my spouse did this too. Actually he stalled around, and refused to get a job, delaying my entrance to nursing school. Then his family started in, I should have gotten a job, any job, so that he could pursue his art degree prospects. Right. Then more family started in, why didn't I continue my last career of tech during the biggest recession since the 1930s? Surely my job didn't really go to China! (yeah, I assure you, it did.) Applied for jobs for a year unsuccessfully to appease their moaning and whining.

    deadpan evil eye look.

    We rued that later, a whole year of lost income and experience. When I began school and all he did was complain. Then it went to me not "working hard enough" after I go my RN. blah blah, always something.
    Then went to grad school, tired of bedside, tired of the asylums closing and no more job. He still c/o constantly and made me do my schoolwork after he went to bed, so to not interrupt his life. GRRRR.

    Rough years, and sure, we needed counseling, still do, but eventually he came to terms with it and can't imagine living without my income now.

    You need to do what is right for YOU and your children, the spouse may not always be around for a number of reasons.

    When I was between RN And grad school, my spouse finally got off his tush and went back to school online part-time. The tag-youre-it school relay didn't hurt anything. You're ready to enroll. He's not. You go first.
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    @NPvampire awww thank you very much dear *hugs*. I am glad you got yours *kudos to you hun*!!!So glad everything worked out well for you.
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    Homeless in College: Derek Scarsella Interview - YouTube

    I stumbled on this video today. Some aspects reminded me of this post.
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    I think you're husband is being unfair, I can understand if he was paying for it ,but I really think he does not want you to do better than him and is controlling like a few others said and down right selfish. I say go to school follow your dreams and don't put your life on hold for him. Just because he is your husband doesn't mean you have to sacrifice
    Your dreams. I would suggest that both of you get some marriage counseling as well.
    Just my two cents
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    @Wannabenurseneko Yes i totally agree with you and thank you very much for your advice God bless *hugs*
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    @Wannabenurseneko Yes i totally agree with you and thank you very much for your advice God bless *hugs*
    You are very welcome , and Thank you for the blessing *hugs back*