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hello, everyone. have any of your classmates left the program you are in yet. we have had a few to quit.... Read More

  1. by   emily_mom
    Update....just found out from the dean that 17 of our original 40 is gone (in 2 1/2 semesters). Four of the 10 that had flunked and readmitted have dropped (with no chance of getting back in....2 F's rule). My program dean told me this b/c I am trying to get into a class d/t a computer error. She ok'd it b/c there will be many that don't return.....kinda sad...
  2. by   MRed94
    We have only lost one, but the 4th semester has lost 8!!!!!

    Scares me to death, as I will be 4th Semester ADN in about 4 weeks.

  3. by   Vsummer1
    I think we lost another one today, and I am pretty po'd about it. This student passed clinicals last semester, but failed theory. Is passing theory this semester, but pulled a ligament in their knee with only 5 days of clinicals left. They are going to fail him again because they will not allow him to do patient care with the injury.

    Geesh, why not just make an exception due to INJURY! He obviously knows patient care, he did the whole semester before and is doing fine this semester. He has plenty of clinical hours all total!

    He would make a fine nurse, so I hope they don't include injury in the strike out rule for retaking these classes. Otherwise, he will have to move to take nursing!
  4. by   Wyldeflower
    We started out with 54 and are now down to 41. I think spring semester will bring in about 15 or so LPNs, so we will be splitting at the seams again. One week of class left after Thanksgiving break, and then finals week! I am so ready seems I have lost half of my mind this semester! My grades are great, but I'll be dang if I can remember the most mundane things! I can't even remeber to buy half of what I go to the store for, :chuckle
  5. by   ashse
    We started the semester with 80 and are now down to 70. Our program requires that you pass the Dosages & Solutions test with a 90% (and only one chance to re-test on it) so I suspect that is how we lost the vast majority.
  6. by   Florence SN
    Well I just had to add my two cents. I am in a BSN program and it irks me when kids do poorly on tests and then say I don't even read the text....well what do they think they are going to get on tests if they don't read. No thank you, I hope they never have to care for me when I am sick.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    florence, and welcome to the board.
  8. by   2banurse
    Ashley, where in FLA are you going to school? I'm hoping to get into the Manatee Community College ADN program. Are you familiar with it?
  9. by   nursbee04
    We have lost several, mainly because of pharmacology. One girl broke down and cried after a test the other day. It is so sad to have to see fellow students give up on their dreams, especially since we were all in the same boat on that first day.
  10. by   missionnurse
    I'm in my second year of an ADN program. Last August we started with 64 students. We are now in the last two weeks of the second to last semester, and we are at 27 students.

    However, that 27 includes around 10 people who joined us after failing last year!

    It's a really tough program, but we have a 95% passage rate for N-CLEX exams.

    Guess we'll see!
  11. by   Angelica
    I am in the third semester of an ADN program. We started with 50 and now have 15 left. It's pretty brutal.
  12. by   the new girl
    Hi, I know that we have lost like 8 since November 1. This area of study we are in right now is really difficult...... (Is it EVER easy??) I hope the rest of us can hang in there for the long haul. We're looking at a graduation date of August 2003.
  13. by   Mkue
    Just lost 3 more