How to study for med/surg

  1. This is my first semester of med/surg. and i was wondering how do u study for it. the information is so detailed. what is important to know. are nursing diagnosis, health promotions important. just trying to find out how to study early on
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  3. by   NSALVADORE
    Everyone is different of course with their studying but for me it's helpful to break each disease down into signs/symptoms, treatment, potential complications, teaching, and Anything else *unique* to the disease.
  4. by   Lennonninja
    This may sound silly, but it works for me. I try to relate the disease to an episode of House. Even if that particular diagnosis on the episode was wrong, I'm able to remember it better because there's a "face" associated with it. I guess it helped because I got an A in my first Med Surg class
  5. by   nneokill175
    oohh thank you, i was going to make a post about this.

    what should i expect in med surg? what kind of information are being teach in med surg?

    i am starting med surg in a week, and i would like to know more about this semester so i can be better prepared
  6. by   shjoll
    the book is over 2000 pgs we are using. so much info to remember. expect to start out in repiratory. u need ur book a month in advance
  7. by   RNDreamer
    our professors stressed interventions and knowing out the client presents. Know what is unique about the disease and how it differs from another disease in the same area that you are studying (resp, GI, etc). We also had to know drugs, but it wasn't stressed as much. Know prevention and patient education, too.

    ETA: If surgery is involved, we had to know pre-op and post-op nursing interventions. Pretty much, everything in the book was fair game, as far as our exams.
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  8. by   tfleuter
    I just started my first semester of med/surg as well and the textbook is massive. Our first week we are starting on musculoskeletal which spans over 4 chapters. Between the reading, papers, care plans and extra assignments, this class alone has increased my stress level ten fold! At this point I'm just hoping to make it out alive
  9. by   nneokill175
    my book is also massive, its a green book.
    we have to read pre op, post op, and in op, which is the whole entire unit 3...