How to deal with bad odors

  1. I'm about to start clinicals in May. I've always had a very strong stomach and have no problem dealing with blood etc but as I have gotten older, I am starting to have a problem with certain odors. For example, I am helping a person I know with a deep wound. Visiting nurse comes I. The morning and in the evening I am removing packing, cleaning and repacking. Over the weekend, the odor has become very offensive and I have to prepare myself for when I remove the packing. I have spoken to the VN today about the increasing smell and she is working on a resolution to that. But my main question is are there any tricks to the trade as far as smells?? I did try Vicks in my nose last night which helped slightly...
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  3. by   hodgieRN
    We have a product called Snowco (or something like that). You put some gauze in a cup and douse it. Put it in front of a fan.

    You can get a strong breath mint or chewing gum and wear a surgical mask.
  4. by   MendedHeart
    Coffee beans

    But in all seriousness. ..I got used to it..aint many smells bother me
  5. by   Twinmom06
    I use Vicks as well...and not just a little - I stuff a wad up each nostril
  6. by   FLArn
    Try some perfume on the inside of a mask. Also a strong mint or cough drop may be helpful. Also there are special odor control dressings that the wound care nurse could consider using.
  7. by   Mewsin
    If you're able to use PPE at the time (I'd assume so with a wound) put a tea bag in your mask. This also works really well for foul bm smells. We can use PPE at our own discretion so if I know I'm going into a room that is not pleasant smelling, I'll gown and mask and stick a tea bag in my mask.
  8. by   Racer15
    We keep a container of Vicks at th nursing station and I layer it on big time. Helps me quite a bit.
  9. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Thank you all for your ideas!!
  10. by   WorkingTowardsBSN
    A drop of peppermint oil in each nostril has helped me. I put it on a qtip and swipe.
  11. by   rylandsmom1985
    Another vote for the peppermint oil here!
  12. by   eatmysoxRN
    I use the alcohol pads in my pocket. Wipe each nostril and the smell of alcohol is so overwhelming it tends to drown out the other odors (atleast briefly). The other options here sound better if you're prepared but I am never expecting the foul odors.
  13. by   blackberry74
    Good to know. I have only done clinicals at an assisted living facility and the odors are new and sometimes overpowering to me. I didn't know what the regular caregivers used!