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This is very interesting. they(whoever they are) have said that the average age for nursing students is in the 30's. I amcurious to see how true this is. I am going to go to nursing school either... Read More

  1. by   Beach_RN
    Hi Rhona!

    I am 35, married with 2 children. Tonight is my 1st Day of school!

    Working on my pre-requisites... hope to start the actual nursing program Fall 2003.... God willing I will be 38 when I graduate!

  2. by   avimom
    I'm going to be 29 by the time I start my two year BSN this fall.

    You know, at first when I realized I wanted to be a nurse, I was mad at myself that I didn't think of nursing when I first did my BSc. I realize now, though, that it's all for the best - I don't think I personally was mature enough at 19 to pursue nursing. Now that I've worked for a number of years and have a child, I feel I have more of an idea of what is important to me and what I feel I can contribute. I can't wait to get started!!
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  3. by   Lausana
    I turned the big 21 last month Unfortunately, I'll still be a youngster when I graduate, but I'm a non-traditional student & feel much older (then again aren't most of us a little non traditional )
  4. by   RN-PA
    I want to reassure, encourage, and CONGRATULATE all of you who are just starting your nursing careers "a little later" in life. I started nursing school when I was 35 and I'm now 46-- been working as an RN since 1993 and if I can do it, anyone can do it!

    This is a second career for me and I NEVER thought I'd be a nurse. Too long a story to get into here, but suffice it to say, I could never have done this in my early 20's. The experiences I'd had in my life and my acquired people skills and maturity helped me in school and in the early years of working in ways that my nursing education couldn't prepare me. All the best to all of you just starting your careers and feel free to pm me if you need any encouragement or advice!
  5. by   DebsZoo
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  6. by   dianthe1013
    I start the first semester of my ADN program in August, then will turn 26 in October. I'll be finished spring or summer of 2004. Hopefully, by the time I hit 28, I'll have taken - and passed the licensing exam.

    I am not married and have no children, just a fiance who miraculously understood why I left a forensic science program two semesters short of a BS to go to nursing school. Oh, well. I do plan on finishing up those last few credits and getting that degree, possibly while I'm completing a RN-to-BSN track in a couple of years.

    Basically, my reason for not going directly into a BSN program is that I want to hurry up and graduate. I've been in school forever, and I'd rather get a two-year degree than put off being able to practice.

    I do plan on getting that BSN, though; I've wound up in supervisory positions in every job I've ever had, and if that continues then I'll need it. Besides, who doesn't want hospital administration to shell out for tuition reimbursement?

    I also think that my age is an asset - being nearly thirty gives me a maturity that I definitely didn't have at 18 or 20. I have a feeling I'm going to need it to deal with everything we all, as students, face.

  7. by   promises
    Hi, Im 24 and will start taking my prereqs this summer. God willing I will start the nursing program on Fall 2003. I'll be 27 by the time I graduate. But time goes by fast so God bless to all of us who are just starting!!!!
  8. by   babynursewannab
    I am 28, started classes at 26 and will get my BSN at 31.

    In response to any who worry it's too late to go back to school, the best advice I ever got: "You're gonna be 35 anyway. Do you just want to be 35? Or, do you want to be 35, with a nursing degree? " God love that woman!
  9. by   tripletmom
    I finished nursing school when I was 30. My class was very diverse. there were only 14 in our class and we ranged in age from 19 to 63.
  10. by   Nursemelo
    i just completed my first year of the BSN program i'm 20, if i graduate on time in 2005 i will be 23 turning 24 shortly after graduation. in my class the majority was 18 year old's fresh out of high school with with a handfull of 20 somethings and a couple of thirty somethings.
  11. by   BrandyBSN
    i just graduated with my bsn, im 22 years old, and will be 23 in September.
  12. by   lady_vee
    Will start the BScN program in September 2002, as my second degree.

    I anticipated I'd be one of the older students at 23 years old, but now that I've previewed the rest of this forum, I'm not too sure anymore... I guess I'll just have to see come the fall =o)

    Toronto, Canada
  13. by   jnicoley
    I'll be 4 when I graduate in 2005