How much are your books going to cost?

  1. For those of you who have registered already, etc. How much are you going to pay for your books? Are you allowed to buy used ones or do they all have to be new? The information that my school sent me told us to expect to spend a minumum of $600.00 .

    Fatima (who is still studying hard for her "2nd chance" NET)
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  3. by   Bevi

    I've spent nearly 400 on 4 books..i need to purchase 8 more at roughly $100 EACH.
    They said it'd be round 1200.00, and so far they're right...
    One can buy used books. Its just that they're hard to find in college bookstores sometimes. I use and,
    It's a good way to save...
  4. by   allthingsbright
    just a&p and speech this semster will cost me 300.00. Yikes.
  5. by   juji fruit
    My first quarter, my books cost as much as my tuition (about $750), but as I advance through the program, we have to buy less and less textbooks. Next quarter (5/6), I will only have to purchase one text at about $50.

  6. by   fourbirds4me
    First semester was around $900... but you need fewer books as time goes because you use the same books. Try to get a heads up from previous students about which books are really needed. For instance we were required to buy an Omaha Nursing diagnosis book ($35) that we used maybe once... and we didn't have to use it then.... the info could have been found elsewhere. This was true for MANY of our books. Some of instuctors weren't even aware of how many texts were required for the class.... So I talked to previous students and didn't buy many books until after class started (just to make sure)
  7. by   camkib
    My books are going to cost more than my tuition!!! We have a list of about eleven text and reference books that will total around $800. My fall tuition for 17 semester hours is only going to run about $600 ( not really sure because we're expecting a tuition hike)

    Oh...I almost forgot I've registered for other courses besides I'm absolutely positive that my books will cost way more than tuition this semester.

    The good news is that I know I won't have to spend as much money for books spring semester.
  8. by   SirJohnny
    I am just taking Anatomy & Physiology I this semester.

    Hole's Anatomy Textbook with Lab Manual US$220.00

    Fortunately, we will use the same texts for both classes.


    Thing is, at Ivy Tech State College (Evansville, In), the class itself runs only $275.00 so can't really complain.


    Now if I could only get my current employer to pay for it (am in software industry).


    Well - it's another Sunday shot to crap hitting the books.

    John Coxey
  9. by   TeresaRN2b
    I've spent $255 so far and that was for 7 books. I went early and managed to find some used books so it saved me quite a bit of money. That is only for the first 8 weeks though. I am not sure how many more I will have to buy for the second 8 weeks of the semester.

  10. by   Loubell RN 2B
    We were told to expect to pay about $1200. for the books in our program.

    Lynda in VA
  11. by   Catherine's mom
    Our book list comes in at about $800 for all of them, but the dean gave us a heads up at orientation about which books are essential and which books we could share for at least the first semester.

    Our bookstore also has a "nursing students only" day before the rest of the students can buy their books. I wonder if that is because we spend so much money, or if it is because we take up so much room with all the books we need????
  12. by   happystudent
    books sold at college book stores are a rip-off go to ecampus or half .com .... i saved some serious change people!
  13. by   fourbirds4me
    Originally posted by happystudent
    books sold at college book stores are a rip-off go to ecampus or half .com .... i saved some serious change people!
    Our book store (I think it is a Follett) is really competitive and the prices are generally the same (within a buck or 2) of the on-line places... and It's usually a trade... shipping... or tax......
  14. by   Cynthiann
    Originally posted by happystudent
    books sold at college book stores are a rip-off go to ecampus or half .com .... i saved some serious change people!
    That's why I don't shop at my school's bookstore. Even the used books are only a few dollars cheaper than the new books. But sometimes it's so much more convenient because I could use my Pell to get books weeks before I get my check and I don't have to use any of my own cash.