How many sites have you saved in your favorites?

  1. I'm just curious and thought it would be fun to find out how many sites you have saved to your favorites since starting school. Mine number around 70 (not including the one's I've deleted!). I'm in my sophomore year so I figure my computer should crash from all the sites I'll have saved by then!!
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  3. by   CarolineRn
    essarge, Just counted mine up and I have 47. The list is growing daily!!
  4. by   zannie
    Mine's only at around 10.

    What's the best link you have that you would share? I'd love to grow my list. ;-)

  5. by   BrandyBSN
    I have 52, between my two computers. I have one notebook computer in the kitchen (that I am on now), and a desktop computer in the office. Kevin also has his own computer too. 3 computers in the apartment, and two of us I networked the two in the office, so that we can both be online at the same time through one phone line. Works out well, since we dont have to fight for computer time

  6. by   peaceful2100
    I have about 90 saved into my favorites and this is only nursing and school related sites. IF you add my other favorites it will be at least 120. If I find cool nursing sites I am constantly adding them. I never know for sure if I will ever use them all but you never know when they will come in handy.
  7. by   dasaSN
    I have about 19 in my nursing favorites. A lot of Anatomy & Phys. pages and message boards. I start school in a few weeks. I know I will be adding lots more .
  8. by   moni rn
    i thought i had a ton, but compare to y'all i am way behind! i only have 24 nursing sites saved. my total number is 52. my husband and i are dealing with infertility, so i have a lot of sites dealing with that saved.
  9. by   mgthompson
    Ehm... 219... lots & lots of nursing & reference, some kids, some humor, and miscellaneous stuff that struck me as cool...
  10. by   trishfish
    Could some of ya'll list some of you absolute favorite web sites? I could use all of the help I can!!!

  11. by   essarge

    Tell us your classes that way we can give you the websites that we have for those classes!! It will be less confusing for you because we are all at different levels of our education.
  12. by   trishfish
    I am in the 2nd year - first semester of a 2 year ADN program. I am really intrested in sites about Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems. But, I am intrested in any sites you all have!!

    Thanks for the help!!!!
  13. by   peaceful2100
    Trish for Cardiac and respiratory try the following site

  14. by   GPatty
    OK... I must be the "child" here. I only have 16! What am I doing wrong? I have deleted some though... any real good ones guys? Let us in on some! I'm a LPN student (just starting), but I love looking through different sites.
    Hey! Does anyone know of an easier way to measure I&O? I can do it, but am having some trouble with measuring how much is in a can, then figuring how much my patient drank... will this become more natural as time goes on? When I try to do this, I feel so dumb sometimes! I get mixed up and forget what I am trying to do!!!
    Thanks everyone!