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I'm just curious....most of the nursing students in my courses are about my age....29 give or take a few I was told that the daytime students are a lot younger. Fatima "RN... Read More

  1. by   fnimat1
    That's what I said when I turned 29 on January 9.....where did our 20's go!!!.... . The one thing that I do know is that this is going to be wonderful year for me. My goals have taken a turn and I can't wait to reach them.

    "RN 2B in 2004"
  2. by   WI-RN2be
    28 here. I am in my 2nd semester of an ADN program.
  3. by   fourbirds4me
    I am 34 will be 35 when a graduate *gasp* LOL

    The majority of my class fit into the 25+ age group.
  4. by   Macair
    I turned 29 on 9-11-01 (ugh!!!) I will never look forward to my birthday again.. but any way.. I am 4 weeks into an LPN program and LOVING every min. of it! I will be 30 when I get to wear my cap on 1-16-03!!! yipeeeeeeeee Only 11 more months to go!!!
  5. by   Zen Existence
    I'm currently 31 and will be 33 when I graduate, having recently started on my core courses for the RN program.
    I wish I had taken school a BIT more seriously in my youth, I'm really paying for that now. Much less to get out of the way now.
    Woe is me and my 20/20 hindsight, lol!

  6. by   squareface
    I'm 30...getting ready to turn 31 in a few weeks. Hoping to get into ADN program fall 2002. I'm finishing up my pre-req's this semester. I have two girls ages 5 and 8.
  7. by   ashemson
    I just turned 32. I probably will be 40 before I ever graduate!
  8. by   SpecFuz
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  9. by   fnimat1
    Congratulations on your marriage!!!!'s just my humble opinion...but if you want to wait awhile before you have any children...then I suggest that you do it. I'm 29, married and have 3 children (2 dd's who are 7 and 5) and 1 son who is 14 mths. I am attending college at night and I'm a I do get lots of time to study. But with children there are just so many other responsiblilities. If you're in school without having any children you can focus on your education. Now I understand what my parents were trying to tell me......don't get me wrong....I love my children dearly and my life would be totally different without them. But if you can achieve some goals without a few loving I suggest you do it. Hope to post to you soon.

    (waving from N.J.)
  10. by   nrselisa
    I'm 29 & mother to 3 (ages 10, 6 & 7 months). I am waiting & praying to be accepted into the nursing program in the fall.
  11. by   fnimat1
    Don't worry...think positive....I'm sure that you'll get in!!!!

    Fatima (hoping and praying for myself too!!!!
  12. by   candicane
    I am 28, many in my class are returning students, which I think makes it easier, we are there to pursue our dreams so we work harder and take it more seriously than some (not all) of the fresh out of high school girls.
  13. by   fnimat1
    I totally agree......a few of the younger nursing students and I mean there are a't that serious...we took our first A & P test last night.....and all of them finished their test in a flash....I was all couldn't have possibly read and decipehered those trick