How many clinical hours does your program have?

  1. Just wondering how mine compares. We have 1,080 clinical hours (not including SIM lab).
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  3. by   mindofmidwifery
    My program has ~460 clinical hours but the state requirement is 400.
  4. by   verene
    I think my program has ~850 clinical hours.
  5. by   Castiela
    It was around 1650
  6. by   thewhitechickoj
    Excluding SIM lab, my program has 750 clinical hours.
  7. by   gere7404
    I have no clue how many total clinical hours my 3 year BSN program has -- I know I had to do at least 150 this quarter.
  8. by   emmjayy
    Mine had 700 clinical hours, not including any lab time/sims. Also not including time spent looking up patients and writing long, horrendous care plans.
  9. by   Mkakids
    We will spend approximately 800 hours on a hospital floor for clinicals, over the 2 years.