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Hi, i know the question is hard to answer since it is different for everybody.... but in general..... how hard is nursing school? I plan on applying to the ADN program at our Community College.... Read More

  1. by   margaretptz
    For me the word isn't rally hard but incredibly intense. These 18-20 hour days are too much for me. Left for class 7 AM, out at 11, worked on nursing process care plan assignment until 1AM, had already put about 8 hours in on it over the weekend ( I work weekends, 1 day and three evenings a week) I can ussually study on my evening job.
    Got home today was an evening job day (til 8), at 9:30 (stayed to keep working on assignment b4 packing up and heading home. Just finished it, got my stuff together for clinicals in the morning, drive an hour be there 6:30. Finsh 1:30 go to work, study and repeat. We had 2 quizzes this week and several chapters of reading, lab assessments, CD's to watch etc. I took this weekend offf from work because we have a bog test on Tuesday and that damn nursing process assignment to do again. God help me, I don't understand why they are so hard on us. If one didn't work or hav e afamily it might be more manageable.
    Good Luck, I'm discouraged right now and venting but will be fine and thankful eventually. Good luck. Ps Don't have sppell check for the typos.
  2. by   smk1
    It is very time consuming, certain topics are more academically challenging than others (fluid/electrolyte balance and acid base stuff comes to mind), but it is doable. You need to be able to read fast and retain what you read to apply it in various situations. I have a life as well and still go out with friends and spend time with my family. First semester I also had a work study job and made a 4.0 gpa. My house isn't as clean as it used to be and there is always laundry to do and we have a lot more take out or leftovers than we used to, but the extra time has to come at the expense of something else. You need to have a great grasp of A&P. I cannot tell you how much this has helped me in the actual nursing courses. I can skim reading material that is more of an A&P review and focus on the new material and putting it all together.
  3. by   bozkurt
    If you have good instructors nursing scool is not that hard you need tobe motivated Nursing education will open the doors for you it is satisfaying profession respected prestigeos and fulfilling go for it Do not be intimated by clinical instructors. They love to intimidate students
  4. by   shoegalRN
    Let me just say this: I am 3 weeks into a BSN program and I'm on the verge of seeking professional help for the anxiety that I have been experiencing. I have already had 2 tests and I passed (Thanks to God), but honesty, I can say I wasnt prepared for the transition like I thought I would be. This is a second career for me and I wasnt used to the huge study load, but I'm slowly but surely coming around. Time management skills are a huge plus. Although I had a good GPA to get accepted into the program, I am learning anything over 75% is good, although I push myself to get about 85%.

    Nursing school so far is hard, but I think the hardest thing for me has been the transitioning and time management. The material itself has been intersting and when something has my interest, I don't find myself procasternating to study it.

    Get a good support system, develop a good schedule and I think you'll be okay.
  5. by   *lisa*
    Also another thing to consider is the difficulty level from one program to the next. Our program started with 31 people and now during the 2nd semester only has 12 left. Thats right 12. I have take 4 years of pre reqs and none of them compared in difficulty to the nursing classes I have taken the last 2 semesters. How hard it is also depends on the person. Some people require less study time to understand the same info etc. So basically I would probably say that yes nursing school is hard....its just something that you have to really want and be prepared to dedicate yourself to. Good luck
  6. by   Kiringat
    A agree with a few other posts that say its more time consuming than hard. Maybe thats just me, but I haven't had any trouble with the classwork (so far...:stone) I put an insane amount of time and effort into studying, and it pays off. My problems have stemmed from horrible nurses I've had to work with and stuff like that.
    I can deal with drowning in careplans, homework, tests and such, but being treated badly by someone whose job I respect and admire really, really sucks.
  7. by   S.N. Visit
    There has been nothing easy about my program, it's a day to day struggle, and I do a lot of praying about it ....If being a nurse is something you REALLY want, you will work hard to become one. Having the knowledge that nursing school is not a cake walk, will give you the upper-hand of those who assume it is. We have single mom's working full time jobs making it,( yes they are stressed out) but they are doing it!